Welcome Supporting Sponsor Amazon to Dad 2.019!

Doug French2019 Dad 2.0 Summit, Announcements, Sponsor

You know the logo, which smilingly offers the world everything from A to Z. You know the business model, which has revolutionized how we perceive retailing. And now you know Amazon is coming as a Supporting Sponsor to Dad 2.019, to generate awareness of itsĀ Amazon Handmade unit, to display some of the products sold by its artisans, and to showcase some of their new shopping innovations–including Alexa Shopping!

Amazon also has a robust ambassador program that partners with influencers for a wide variety of announcements and creative programming, and they’re specifically coming to Dad 2.019 to add dads to their team.

Offering the best prices, one-stop convenience and a massive selection, Amazon delivers an unsurpassed shopping experience for everything from the high-tech to the handmade. For those in the market for items with a personal touch, Amazon Handmade offers unique, handcrafted products made by Artisans from around the globe – expanding selection even further and empowering small businesses to share their craft worldwide. In an ongoing commitment to maximize convenience, Amazon’s Shopping Innovations incorporate the latest technology to make the retail experience effortless from search to sale. With features ranging from Alexa Shopping to AR View and other in-app features, shopping has never been easier or more fun. Visit Amazon.com for additional details.

Got it? Good.