Dad 2.019 Programming: Friday, February 22

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We love Dad 2.0 Fridays, because each year we somehow cram them with 16 hours of Programming (at least, depending on when the Dad Voices Writing Workshop finally manages to wind down). So, as a primer for all that’s being planned, here’s a look at the Roundtable Workshops (which we’ve moved to the morning), ShowHow Workshops, and Breakout Panels that will take place on Friday, before we launch the evening at the Dove Men+Care Happy Hour:

MORNING FITNESS EVENT ▪︎ 7:00 – 7:45am

Full Body Circuit by inBalance San Antonio
This full-body workout will target every muscle group to give your overall muscular structure a boost, improve posture, and make workouts more effective. The 45-minute session (brought to us by Dove Men+Care) will alternate between moves that target key areas everyone wants to work–which means you’ll be squatting, lunging and crunching! It will also strengthen your heart and lungs to help build lean, toned muscles and increase strength and flexibility.


Whether you’re the father of a newborn or the son of aging parents, or both, you might spend a lot of time researching vaccinations. A GSK-Sponsored panel of experts will include dads in a very important conversation about how vaccines can help protect our kids, our parents and us, and how we can be informed healthcare consumers.

ROUNDTABLE WORKSHOPS ▪︎ 11:00am – 12:35pm

Crowdfunding ▪︎ Jeff Wenzel
Use ingenious growth hacks to build your audience.

Get Out Of Your Lane ▪︎
Eric Boyette
A small decision can lead to life-changing results.

Photography ▪︎ Joe Saladino
Develop your eye and expand your gear beyond your phone.

Podcasting Basics ▪︎ Don Jackson
Start a podcast, and speak directly to your people.

Self Publishing ▪︎ Jonathan Oliver
Write books using the word processor in your pocket.

Mental Fitness ▪︎ Bobby Barzi
Treat your mind like your body, with continual upkeep and attention.

Using Donated Media Content ▪︎ Kenneth Braswell, Dzu Bui
Promote your fatherhood message with millions’ worth of free content.

Using Instagram Stories ▪︎ Charlie Capen
They last only a day, but they build lasting engagement.

Marketing Your Creative ▪︎ Patrick Quinn
To market yourself to agencies, know what they want.

Serious Influence ▪︎ Brandon Billinger
It’s not a side hustle if you don’t treat it like one.

Building A Brand ▪︎ Brian Bason
From idea to exit, one dad’s journey through the startup world.

SHOW-HOW WORKSHOPS ▪︎ 2:15 – 3:00pm

How To Produce Killer Video
The video space is too crowded and sophisticated to suffer amateurish quality. Here’s how to put a simple set of tools in place to give your content the professional production values it deserves.
Andrew Tiu

How To Build A Powerhouse Podcast
In the golden age of podcasts, it’s still possible to stand out in the crowd. Here’s how skill and perseverance can propel you from zero to six-figure downloads in less than a year.
Dave Masony, Meredith Masony

How “Small and Mighty” Beats “Big and Maybe”
If you’re a micro- or nano-influencer, your brand is more valuable than you think. Here’s how to attract monetary opportunities to your networked, high-engagement following.
Jessi Sanfilippo

SHOW-HOW WORKSHOPS ▪︎ 3:15 – 4:00pm

How To Use LinkedIn To Build Your Base
While other platforms grab a lot more headlines, LinkedIn is a surprisingly fertile source of customers. Here’s how to build your network and mobilize it to your optimal advantage.
Robert Knop

How To Rank On YouTube
The battle for YouTube supremacy is won as much in front of the camera as it is behind the scenes. Here’s how to use YouTube’s ranking algorithms to put your work before the most eyeballs.
Jonathan Lai

How To Craft The Perfect Pitch
You have the content, and you know your following. Here’s how to harness them into a comprehensive pitch package designed to help you land the gig.
Julie Nowell

BREAKOUT PANELS ▪︎ 4:15 – 5:15pm

You Can Take Them With You: Pivoting With A Portable Audience
Veterans of content creation know a career is rarely consistent, subject to the mercurial tastes and methods of our audiences. When your path takes a turn, intentionally or otherwise, how can you ensure your readers will come along for the ride? We’ll hear from panelists who have reevaluated and rebooted their efforts and found their people waiting on the other side.
Amy Wilson ▪︎ KJ Dell’Antonia ▪︎ Margaret Robles ▪︎ Joe Shaw

The Future Is Equal
As progress toward gender equality intensifies, boys and girls require different forms of encouragement to reject the traditional messages that still impede their choices. Calling these out requires each of us to confront how our own biases and expectations are influencing our parenting, so we can raise our boys and girls to pursue their dreams while including, respecting, and trusting each other.
Jonathan Gerlach ▪︎ Mark Greene ▪︎ Michael Kaufman ▪︎ Mike Reynolds ▪︎ Aaron Yavelberg

Saving Social Media
Persistent problems with privacy and disinformation have end-users drastically re-evaluating the role of social media in their lives. And though it’s tempting to demand better oversight, the true remedies will derive from the consumers who comprise the communities. Our panelists will discuss that power, both in how we consume news and interact online, and how we can effect the changes we need in order to restore our faith and help our kids grow into savvy social citizens.
Caleb Gardner ▪︎ Jim Joseph ▪︎ Adrian Kulp ▪︎ Josh Misner ▪︎ Rob Newton

Stay tuned for our Saturday content, including our Presentation with Dax Shepard!