Dad 2.019 Programming: Saturday, February 23

Doug French2019 Dad 2.0 Summit, Announcements, Speakers

Welcome to Saturday, which will begin with our now-traditional Community ThreeNote presentation (which last year featured Stewart Reynolds, above) and end with our Closing Presentation from Dax Shepard. And in between, here’s a look at our remaining six Breakout Panels that we hope will conjure up a lot of discussion to come.

BREAKOUTS ▪︎ 11:00am – 12:15pm

A Pledge For Paid Paternity Leave
Because the U.S. is the only developed country without guaranteed paid leave, families lose $20 billion in wages per year to care for family members, new and old. These are just two of the many staggering statistics explored in the extraordinary documentary “Zero Weeks,” whose creators will discuss how to marshal our efforts to establish better policies going forward.
Ky Dickens ▪︎ Dan Fisher ▪︎ Josh Levs ▪︎ Aaron Kingsley

Living The Tube Life
Committing your family’s lives to a YouTube lens can be exhilarating, especially as your content gains popularity. And once you’ve reached 100,000 subscribers, and your family has a devoted and expectant fan base, raising your kids amid breakneck production schedules can become a grind. These dads have built formidable followings online; they’ll tell you how they did it and how they keep it going.
Jason Kriedman ▪︎ Jorge Narvaez ▪︎ Josh Darnit ▪︎ Glen Henry

The Startup Life and Work/Life Imbalance
Building a new business famously siphons off most of your attention, with the added bonus of an unsteady paycheck. It’s a challenging enough life on your own, but exponentially more difficult when you have a family you want to support (and see occasionally). Thankfully, these entrepreneurs have a wealth of experience that shows there’s room in your life for the domicile and the debit sheet.
Marc Nathan ▪︎ Michael Ashford ▪︎ Ari Meisel ▪︎ Riley Ross ▪︎ Tom Sylvester

BREAKOUTS ▪︎ 1:45pm – 2:45pm

The Serious Business of Dad Jokes
For every creative dad who writes hilarious content across the web, there are many more who want to. And whether you want to punch up your blog content or get more pieces published on humor websites and magazines, our panelists will recount their experiences (good, bad, and ugly) while providing the tools and information to expand your potential and book more gigs.
Andrew Knott ▪︎ Shannon Carpenter ▪︎ Chris Illuminati ▪︎ Neal Pollack

Know Your Expertise, Know Your Audience
No matter how mature your influencer business is, it can always benefit from a comprehensive appraisal of its deliverables and potential revenue streams. This panel will cover the pros and cons of several options (book deals, coaching, events, you name it) and draw from personal and professional experience to help influencers find creative, lucrative ways to give the people what they want.
Beau Coffron ▪︎ Jenny Guy ▪︎ Jamie Lieberman ▪︎ Roo Powell

Gender, Sexuality, and the Generation Gap
As if conversations between parents and teens weren’t challenging enough, modern teenagers are speaking a new language about gender identity and sexuality (which not enough people yet realize are not the same thing). Our panelists advocate for greater understanding and acceptance of a wider gender spectrum, especially when a lack of understanding drives a wedge between parents and children.
Doug Zeigler ▪︎ Brent Almond ▪︎ Amber Leventry ▪︎ Nick North