FoF: Time to Mosey, Pardners!

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Dad 2.0 San Antonio

It’s about to get real. Dad 2.0 Week starts tomorrow, and that means several hundreds of you will be heading to San Antonio to celebrate all things fatherhood at the Dad 2.0 Summit.

Yes! Next flippin’ week!

Very soon old friends will reunite, and new friends will see what all the fuss is about. We’ll talk about the need for paid paternity leave with Title Sponsor Dove Men+Care. Our workshops will talk about crucial skills (like creating, pitching, negotiating, and marketing) for becoming a better influencer. Our idea-driven breakouts will propose how to redeem social media, live the YouTube life, create better interactions between our boys and girls, and learn what happens if your kid identifies as neither.

And overall, we’re going to work on leaving San Antonio feeling equipped to become better marketers, writers, fathers, and men. Not necessarily in that order.

If you’re coming to San Antonio, starting Monday you’ll be getting a newsletter every morning that will offer you important information for getting the most out of your Dad 2.0 experience. In the meantime, may we suggest preparing for your pending travels by perusing some assorted online literature, namely our informative posts about our Schedule, our Sponsors, our Speakers, our Friday programing, our Saturday programming, and our comprehensive guide to social interaction? And if you finish all that, maybe listen to a podcast.

Only five sleeps left!


Today we announced that Presenting Sponsor Best Buy is back, with their amazing TechZone! Whether you’re into tailgates or tauntauns (or both, in our case), you’re going to want to check out these phenomenal 4K Ultra HD TVs with surround sound. And to celebrate their induction into our Five-Timers’ Club, they have a nice surprise waiting. Stay tuned.

Where will you be Monday night at 9pm ET? Kicking off Dad 2.0 Week with our big kickoff Twitstravaganza, that’s where! Please join us and our many partners in the online dad community (including our longtime friends and contributors Life Of Dad, City Dads Group, the National At-Home Dad Network, and Fatherly) as we launch into all the great stuff to look forward to in San Antonio!


Parents, isn’t it time screens and the real world found a way to get along?

Dedication matters, and it also sets a great example for our children.

What better way to celebrate the year’s “loviest” day than to launch the 2019 Iris Awards?

Are your kid’s meltdowns thawing out the whole family?

Parents, do you give a fork if your teens curse?

Dad fashion: Are dad hats still a thing? What’s the rule on fanny packs?



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Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash