Will You Win A Pair of Dolby Dimension Headphones at Dad 2.019?

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In this flurry of Sponsor news leading up to Dad 2.0 Week, we need to take a moment to discuss the truly amazing #DolbyDimension headphones that Dolby is bringing to San Antonio.

Seriously. Check them out. We’ll wait.

They’re wireless, of course, and the sound quality is predictably bonkers. The Dolby LifeMix feature lets you immerse yourself in whatever you’re listening to without isolating yourself from the world around you. They pair with your devices, letting you switch from your TV to your tablet to your phone. They’ll even work with Siri or Google Assistant.

And one lucky attendee is going to win a pair!

Dolby is new to us, and they’re looking to build awareness for their first direct-to-consumer product (and what a product to start with!). Be sure to stop by their booth and engage online (on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) for more information about the brand ambassador and organic influencer campaigns they’re planning!