Dad 2.019: T’s Twins, Armcherries, and Words of Wizdom

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A week ago, we were all settling into the Dove Men+Care Ballroom to hear a conversation about fatherhood between Dr. Wizdom Powell, a professor specializing in male health research, and fitness entrepreneur Shaun T, who is one of the warmest, most friendly and jovial new dads you’ll ever meet.

It was the perfect way to launch Dad 2.019’s programming, and after it culminated in the main stage recording of Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast with the very sociable Rhys Darby, it’s hard to encapsulate all the Vitalizing Wow that came between. Our best attempt may be summed up by Jonathan Oliver‘s collage (see top).

Dax Shepard Armchair Expert Dad 2.0 Summit

We’re still tired. But also energized. So very, very energized.

This year, our Sponsors wowed and were wowed in return. The programming sessions were well received. Each of our ThreeNoters received a standing O. Even the weather cooperated, setting a new warmth record of 73 sunny degrees.

And the social media results were the most encouraging of all, since the collective energy that the Dad 2.0 Summit community sent out into the world made 588 million impressions!

(That’s more than Monet and Degas combined!)

(And that is a dad joke, the art of which was discussed in great detail.)

We’re very humbled by the experience of and response to Dad 2.019, very proud of all that the community has put in motion, and very grateful to all who endured all sorts of travel mayhem to join us.

We enjoy hearing your thoughts, too, and look forward to your blog posts, videos and social shares in which you share said thoughts, socially. Share like the wind.

Thanks for everything, Dad 2.0 Summit attendees!


Post to lose followers.” The people who stay will be the people you want to communicate with, anyway.

“How could I tell my kids to do what they believed in if I wasn’t doing it myself?”

“I don’t want any of you to miss out on your children’s lives because you’re hung up on pronouns or having trouble accepting who they are.”

“He recalls giving his dad his last bath. Tears and standing ovation.”

“Nonverbal love is the best kind of love.”




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Top photo: Michael Cummings