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One does not simply return home from attending a conference like the Dad 2.0 Summit. We plug back into our lives with renewed energy, a sharper focus on our personal and professional goals. You see it in the several panel pitches we’ve already received for next year. You see it in the sales of Dad 2.020 tickets, which are already almost 70% gone. You see it in the Dad 2.019 photos and the opening video:

And ultimately, you see it in the recap posts that illustrate how what happens at the Dad 2.0 Summit does not stay at the Dad 2.0 Summit. It goes out into the world and creates change through work and example.

Whether it is the seasoned veteran in the online parenting space, or a first-time attendee who was unsure what they were getting into, the excitement and passion put into the world upon meeting one another, the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit(s), set loose a positivity into this world that is sorely needed.

One does not simply return home from the Dad 2.0 Summit. We run there, fling the door open, hug the family, and get to work.


Between 5% and 10% of new fathers in the United States suffer from PPD, according to U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data. One study shows that the risk goes up to 24%-50% for men whose partners suffer from PPD.

What types of things do new dads learn in the first year of fatherhood?

It’s a beautiful thing when a father and son can find peace after what was a Rocky relationship.

“They have hosted standing-room-only meetings during their lunch period, offering free pizza to draw crowds of upward of 40 boys.”

“If we hope to raise kids who are brave, competent and resourceful, we have to let them step out into the world on their own, away from our relentless, watchful eyes, and with a realistic perspective on the dangers they face.”

“Adolescence—once the beginning of adulthood—now seems to be an extension of childhood. It’s not that teens are more virtuous or lazier. They could simply be taking longer to grow up.”

Following the untimely death of Luke Perry, the internet has been full of lovely stories sharing his kindness, both to strangers and fans alike. It’s no surprise that he was also a wonderful father.

If you’re grieving over a lost child, the help you need is out there.

How are your kids (or you) at considering context? Here’s a fun way to discuss the concept at home.



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