Fatherhood on Friday: Mx and Match

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Amber Leventry and Don Hudson at Dad 2.0 Summit

One of the Dad 2.0 Summit’s reasons for being is to show that the stories of fatherhood are marvelous and multifarious. To that end, we want the people who live those stories to feel welcome enough to come to Dad 2.0 and talk about them. There’s always more work to do, but every so often we read something that buoys our entire day.

Take the experience of Amber Leventry, who attended Dad 2.0 for the first time this year, and spoke on our panel about Gender Fluidity and the Generation Gap. Amber is nonbinary and advocates passionately for parents not to be judged by how they identify. But then Mx. Leventry met Mr. Hudson, who on first glance might not come across as the proprietor of a dad-focused community space. And after, as Amber writes, “my own serum was put on a spoon for me,” two people who know a lot about being stereotyped and still refuse to change who they are broke through a barrier and became friends.

Meeting new people who look, sound, and act differently but share a common purpose is what makes the Internet and the world a better place. Amber’s story does exactly that. We included it as one of our Porchlight Posts this week, but we led with it here because Amber and Don are great people, and their connection is one of our favorite outcomes that we’ve experienced in our eight-year history. Cheers to them both.


We’re all getting older. In fact, you’re older now than when you started reading this sentence. The trick, it turns out, is to take the timeless advice of Public Enemy and don’t believe the hype. You can teach an old dog new tricks, and Dad 2.019 sponsor Disrupt Aging from AARP knows it. That’s why we’re continuing the conversation on fatherhood and aging at the #DadsDisruptAging hashtag on your better social networks.

We’d love to hear from you, too. Join us (@Dad2Summit) on Twitter this Tuesday, March 26, at 9pm ET/6pm PT to share stories as #DadsDisruptAging. We’ll even announce a fun contest with great prizes that you can enter! We hope to see you there!



Some Australian companies are offering up to six months paid leave and flexible work options as part of gender-neutral policies.

For many kids, losing a pet is an introduction to grief. Let them talk about it.

A dad has to be true to his word.

“Advocates worry that the people most hurt by stories like this will be the children who truly need help.”

“My dad saved me 27 years ago when I was eight months old. He saved my life so I could later save his.”

“Over the past decade or so, rates of depression, psychological distress and suicidal thoughts and actions have risen significantly among people 26 and younger.”

He did what any of us would have done in that situation: When his sons were threatened, he instinctively dove in harm’s way.

In this corner: Screen Time Rules! And in that corner: Different Screen Time Rules! Let’s get ready to thumble!

Good hygiene is important. Clean your Instagram feed.



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Top photo(s) used with permission from Amber Leventry