Fatherhood on Friday: Behind The Buckets

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March Madness has plenty of drama, measured in buzzer beaters and busted brackets. But every year, the backdrop of basketball conjures its share of compelling stories about fathers and sons, victory and vindication, legacy and loss. Two years ago, for example, longtime NBA coach Doug Collins could barely contain himself as he watched his son Chris coach Northwestern’s first-ever tournament appearance. And this year, there are plenty of other stories to capture our attention:

If you’re just into manufactured competition (and thirsty), check out these Hot Dad brackets from Marie Claire. Sure, the idea of “March Dadness” is well-traveled, but it’s an encouraging sign of gender equality when men, too, can be sized up and categorized based only on what we look like.

Besides, if being a dad contributes to our sexy factor (and let’s face it, it totally does), we’ll take it.


Over the past few weeks, the Dad 2.0 community, along with our partners at Disrupt Aging from AARP, has been engaged in heartfelt, humorous, and humbling conversations about the effects of aging on fatherhood (see our ‘Gram Of The Week below). And since we’re all about prompts for engaging content, we’d love to add your voice to mix.

Make a short video, between 30 seconds and three minutes in length, about how aging is affecting your life. How it may be different than you expected, and maybe how you’ve learned to embrace your balding, sagging, aching selves. Enter the #DadsDisruptAging video contest on Twitter and you’ll have a chance to win one of five (5) $100 Amazon gift cards (which will buy a good bit of that melon-ball goop that Cindy Crawford preserves herself in every night).

Time is flying, folks!


Is the financial strain of parenting affecting your retirement plans?

Parents often use analytical and polite language with daughters and competitive language with sons. This can give young girls the impression that they should be polite and follow rules, which can prevent girls from becoming mentally strong women.

Supporting dads is a big way to achieve equality in the workplace, and a new study finds companies regarded as more equal are also the most innovative and successful.

“By the end of these workshops, these fathers are usually less reactive, and more engaged with their children and their partners.”

“The dangers associated with overparenting are, after all, largely in the future.”

“The best thing about it is you have men around you who can teach you how not to be on the streets, how not to be a thug. To live your life and do good things in life.”

When it comes to raising kids, parents today don’t always follow the same paths their parents did.

The number of Spanish men who request a reduction of working hours to care for children or dependent adults has jumped over the past 10 years from 6,100 to 16,400, but that’s still only 5% of the total.

Parents, ever feel like your child’s homework is actually meant for you?



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