Fatherhood on Friday: Stark, naked

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Today, we’re talking about Starks. (Not those Starks, which contrast with these Starks so starkly.) Today is about Howard and Tony, and several other fraught fatherhood stories in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Today is the opening of an ending, as Avengers: Endgame—the 22nd film in a collection of stories about so much more than heroes—has finally hit theaters. And if you’ve been following along with this amazing multi-faceted project since Iron Man in 2008, our Whit Honea, who sees every Disney thing first, says it will hit you, too. Right in the gut.

It’s not a spoiler to say this movieful of masked vigilantes, aliens, gods, and sorcerers will probably jerk more than a few tears. Part of that is due to the nostalgia we feel for the characters we’re saying goodbye to after 11 years. And beyond that is the impact of what their respective story lines mean, and how heavily they’ve been affected by the fathers in their lives.

Fatherhood, from devotion to implosion, has been a constant in the MCU. When it’s notably lacking, father figures and mentors take its place. The culmination of the franchise is no different. If anything, in Avengers Endgame, the MCU has embraced fatherhood on a whole new level. It could be argued that fatherhood is the most powerful weapon and the greatest defense.

Like real life, how we chose to view fatherhood forms how we in turn are viewed. Are we heroes or villains? Are we emotionally available? Do we own a cape? What lengths would we go to for our children?

Unfortunately, the answers to those questions, at least with regard to Endgame, are spoiler-heavy, and even Thanos wouldn’t dare ruin an Avengers film. All the more reason to head to a theater this weekend and check it out with your kids. You’d be stark raving mad not to.


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