Dolby’s Dimension headphones are amazingly dynamic, and discounted for Father’s Day!

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If you attended Dad 2.019 in San Antonio, you probably saw several of us debonair dad types (such as The Captain and The Papa and The Lunchboxer) modeling Dolby’s dazzling new Dimension headphones, which are fully wireless, sit on your head like a cloud, and fill your head with crisp, full sound. That last part shouldn’t surprise, since the Dolby name has been at the forefront of high fidelity since forever. What’s surprising is, as ubiquitous as the Dolby name has been, these headphones are their first-ever proprietary consumer product! And predictably, they’re LEGIT.

In San Antonio, a lot of us marveled at the sound quality, the comfort, and the connectivity of these beauties, including our own co-founder, John Pacini. As a longtime amateur radio operator and audiophile, John is as geeky for headphones as anyone. And even though these are meant for home use (they don’t fold, so they’re a bit bulky to travel with), these great features are absolutely worth making more room in your luggage:

  • The revolutionary LifeMix capability, which uses microphones to bring the outside world back into your listening experience and gives you unprecedented control of what you hear. (Especially important for parents, who can watch a TV show after the kids have gone to bed and still be reachable if they need you.)
  • A touch-sensitive, intuitive side trackpad that easily lets you adjust volume, manipulate LifeMix, and pause and play content without touching the connected device. 
  • The Dolby Dimension app, which lets you preset your LifeMix settings exactly where you want them.
  • A great directional feature that mimics your position relative to the audio source when you turn your head.

The word is out: If you tried these at Dad 2.0, you loved them. And if you haven’t tried them, Dolby offers a 30-day free home trial to help you decide for yourself.

And here’s the best part! Between now and Father’s Day (which is only five weeks away, HINT HINT), Dolby is chopping $100 off the retail price of Dimension headphones, to just $499!

We were really glad to welcome Dolby into our Sponsorship family at Dad 2.019, and if their support helps you grab a pair of these kick-ass cans for 16% off the usual retail price, everyone wins.