Fatherhood on Friday: June Is A Boon


Dad 2.0 Summit 2020

As far as we’re concerned, June should be re-branded as National “Where Do You Start?” Month. We may have grown up under the simple “Dads & Grads” paradigm, but now we’re here to Give A Bunch Of Balloons, Appreciate African-American Music, Adopt A Cat, and celebrate Candy, Camping, and the Caribbean. (Kind of makes you want to head to St. Croix with a tent and a case of Skittles.)

Today alone, we hope you’ll be somewhere celebrating doughnuts, chocolate ice cream, VCRs, and/or Oklahoma.

And of course, we’re going to spend a lot of energy this month focusing on our Super-Big Three: Fathers, Men’s Health, and Pride:

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Happy #pridemonth!

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If you’re paying particular attention to your mental health, our In Case You Missed It file has two viral videos that will absolutely make you feel better about the world. First, there’s this conversation, which as of this morning had 3.3 million ❤-clicks:

And the second comes from the French Open, where home-favorite Nicolas Mahut received a post-loss pep talk from his 7-year-old son Natanel (and suddenly everyone felt a little red clay dust in their eyes):


Earlier this week, we announced that our friends at Fodada have set up a special online shop of Dad 2.0 merch, and if your order by Monday, June 10, you’ll receive it in time for Father’s Day, AND Fodada will contribute $5 to the Oren Miller Dad 2.0 Scholarship Fund for Dad 2.020!


We also announced last month that Dad 2.019 Sponsor Dolby has concocted a great Father’s Day deal for their dazzling new Dimension wireless headphones! Until June 16, Dolby is chopping $100 off the retail price to just $499! For more details, click here; if the dad in your life appreciates great sound, these cans are truly can-tastic.


Should your kids have veto power over whatever you post about them online? The kids sure think so.

In Stockholm, to encourage new dads to take more paternity leave, there are three so-called “daddy months,” which are lost if not taken.

Dads, what’s your perfect Father’s Day gift?

“Most parents worry that their kids are addicted to the devices, but about four in 10 teenagers have the same concern about their parents.”

“The transition from stinky, furious blobs to menacing, pokey toddlers, to boys who just wanted to throw a ball or Frisbee all day long took dozens of dog years.”

“Despite those gains, the United States remains at the margins of the report’s top tier of countries that are making sure children are in a position to simply be children.”

What’s in an appropriate body part name?

There’s a growing movement of people who think status counts “incentivize the wrong things.” Do you agree?

Are your kids picky eaters? Does it matter?


  • “I’ve managed to keep a rather even keel over the past few months, but now that the end is so tangibly close, all the desperate sadness from before has bubbled back up into my chest.” – Doug French; Falling Down
  • “They also took the time to help provide education tools for parents who may have a hard time trying to navigate non-binary language with their children.” – Joe Shaw; They/Them (Ft. Saffron)
  • “I will forget because the years pile on, and memories cloud as they bump into each other, and I barely remember where I was yesterday. But she will remember.” – Joe Posnanski; Three Years Ago: Hamilton
  • “As I braced for impact, my dad walked right over to me, lifted me up as much as he could, looked me dead in my eyes, gave a loving hug, and asked, ‘Are you okay?'” – Antonio Harrison; Are You Okay?
  • “Maybe what I’m trying to do is prove a point to him. I’m just not doing it in the best way that a dad should.” – Brandon Billinger; About Brandon & Rob, New Grill Tip & What’s Working as Parents


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