We’re Leaping Back to Washington DC For Dad 2.020!

dad2summit2020 Dad 2.0 Summit

Announcing our next Summit venue is always a blast, because it officially launches another cycle of bringing the best of fatherhood to the people who love it the most. And now, slap-dab amid all the Father’s Day fireworks, we’re lighting our own and announcing that for 2020 we’re headed back to one of our favorites, the Mandarin Oriental in Washington DC!

And we’re going the weekend of Feb. 27-29. LEAP DAY!

We had an absolute blast in DC back in 2016. We somewhat incredibly set a record for the warmest temperature during a Summit (68 degrees!). We learned that opening keynote Brad Meltzer went to summer camp with Oren Miller’s wife, Beth. Michael Strahan showed us it’s possible to be a charismatic conversationalist and an all-time leading sack maniac at the same time.

We saw the triumphant debut of LEGO MAN!

Most importantly, we were in the nation’s capital during a presidential election year, discussing policy efforts with the people working hard to legislate more convenience into parents’ lives. And given the extraordinary Speaker interest we’ve already received from inside the Beltway (and the elevated activism from brands like Dove Men+Care, who are taking their support for paid leave up a bunch of notches), 2020 is shaping up to be a real doozy.

Ready to join us? Here’s the sitch for the rest of June:

  • If you bought a ticket to Dad 2.020 but can’t make the event for whatever reason, email us at tickets [at] dad2summit [dot] com to request a refund, and we’ll buy it back from you (through PayPal only) until Friday, June 21, no questions asked!
  • (OK. We will have to ask for your PayPal address. One question asked!)
  • To reserve your spot, click here for our Father’s Day rate of $129, which will stay in effect until Sunday, June 30.
  • After that, tickets will be $179 for the rest of the summer and move to $229 on September 1.

It’s hard to believe that this is our ninth Summit announcement, but that’s probably because it’s so damn exciting to leap into the Next Big Thing. We hope you’ll be there to leap with us.