Happy Father’s Day Eve Eve!

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Dad 2.0 Summit 2020 Washington, DC

This Sunday is Father’s Day (whether it’s happy or not), and you may have noticed that we aren’t asking for much. There was a time when we might have shared a few of the zillion gift guides, but when you think about it, the best gift of all is as effortless a day as possible with the kids. We want to be part of our kids’ lives, and they in ours.

Outside of the deepest weeds of Summit Prep Season, this week is as frenetic as it gets for us. And that’s such a great problem to have! You don’t have to look far to find dad-inspired content in just about every medium possible: 

We’re especially eager to see more dads appearing in the On Parenting space, because we also just announced that we’re coming back to the Post’s backyard!


You have an extra day next year, and we think the best way to use it is at the 2020 Dad 2.0 Summit in Washington, D.C., which triumphantly returns to the Mandarin Oriental hotel on February 27-29, 2020!

To reserve your spot, click here for our Father’s Day rate of $129, which will stay in effect until Sunday, June 30. After that, tickets will be $179 for the rest of the summer and move to $229 on September 1.


Women want men to take paternity leave, because it improves mothers’ health.

U.S. schools are required by a federal program to teach appropriate online behavior, which is usually done by teachers. In Germany they are utilizing peer-to-peer tutoring.

A new study finds that it isn’t just kids that need naps, the parents do, too.

“Even before kids are old enough for organized athletics, the gendering of sports toys can have adverse effects.”

I love being a dad, and I’m pretty good at [it], so it’s nice when I get to see that attitude reflected in movies.”

“Public enthusiasm for paternity leave has been growing: A 2016 Pew Research Center study found that nearly 70 percent of Americans support some form of paid leave for new fathers.”

Psychologists recommend letting your children be bored this summer.

Does/did the tooth fairy visit your home? What’s the going rate?

Preschool kids often take things literally, which is why Mr. Rogers spoke Freddish.



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