Add Your Name to the Paternity Leave Pledge!

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When Dove Men+Care joined us for their seventh year as Title Sponsor at Dad 2.019 last February, they threw their weight behind one of the most important potential benefits for new fathers: federal legislation that mandates paid paternity leave. To galvanize the effort, they arrived in San Antonio with a plan and a petition—the Paternity Leave Pledge.

In just three months, they’ve collected over 30,000 signatures, and they’re just getting started.

This is where you come in. Dove Men+Care is activating a community of dads and allies and who are passionate about making paid paternity leave available and amenable to fathers all over the country. Promundo’s new research says that around a third of dads take their legal entitlement of paternity leave, and that’s just WAAAY too small.

This Father’s Day, the mobilization of pro-leave voices continues with the launch of a closed Facebook Group, which will serve as a platform for dads to share their stories and receive valuable resources needed to push for policy change.

By coordinating our efforts, and through strategic partnerships and outreach, we can all advocate for change with the policy makers that are most relevant in the paid leave conversation. And we need your help.

If you’re picking up what we’re putting down, we need your help to make paid paternity leave a priority. We hope you’ll sign the Pledge for Paternity Leave at, join the Facebook group, and use the #PaternityLeavePledge hashtag to support new dads, on Father’s Day and beyond.