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This week’s top story has everything: a broad-minded dad, a treacherous tween, and a tight-knit bunch of “crypto-gophers.” It also exemplifies one of the Internet’s best superpowers: turning one unassuming voice into an amplified chorus of philanthropy.

It all started with a tweet from Matthew Green, a cryptology professor at Johns Hopkins (go Blue Jays!):

Naturally, the vision of Matthew showing up for security meetings looking like Bearded Milhouse appealed to several of his colleagues. But when one of them offered to donate $300 to RAICES, a nonprofit that defends immigrants and refugees, sh*t got real. Three hundred bucks became $600, then $2,500, and now people all over the world who “want to make me look stupid and like to collect money to do good things” have raised $16,000 and counting. 

Converting from chestnut to cobalt is a long, complex process (which includes an unfortunate “Guy Fieri” phase), so Matthew plans to keep the blue all summer. And even though his 11-year-old saw what his dad looked like and backed out of the deal (*shakes fist*), this is the story we all need.

Idle thoughts become Big Things all the time, and the stories are there if you look for them. 


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When your kid is in danger, your “Superman Strength” kicks in, and obstacles don’t matter. It’s all about Point A to Point B.

An associate professor at Louisville’s Kent School of Social Work created the “4 Your Child” project to help fathers take a more active role in their children’s lives. So far, 900 dads have taken him up on it.

When the the term “working dad” enters into common parlance, we’re all better off.

A father’s natural way of parenting “adds something that boys critically need and do very poorly without.”

Remarkable new research says dads can view health solely in how they provide and protect our kids. In other words, men treat their bodies “as tools to do a job.” 

After his son was paralyzed with spina bifida, Taylor Moreland felt “a relentless need to get him crawling.” Man, did that ever backfire.

“My pro-Trump father voted against my values. That doesn’t make me miss him any less.”

When Erik Ofgang wrote a book about how vices (like beer and chocolate and sex) are good for you, the experience was more confrontation than collaboration.”

These dads adopted two little girls weeks apart, and they want to travel the country to practice “acceptance through visibility.”



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