“Pay Them Girls What They Worth”

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With this latest World Cup win—their fourth out of the eight championships in the event’s entire existence— the United States Women’s National Team has cemented itself as the gold standard of soccer. Simply put, they’re the greatest team the sport has ever known, and yet you wouldn’t know it from their paychecks.

People recognize the USWNT acronym all over the world, but even though the U.S. dudes have never hoisted the trophy, they get paid much more. And for those of you thinking, “But wait, Dad 2.0 Summit. You get paid based on the revenue you generate,” we agree with you.

It may seem counterintuitive for men like us to want to subvert this kind of societal advantage, but it’s not. Any kind of prejudice is a bad deal, and if you’ve ever been judged as a less-than-capable caregiver simply because you don’t resemble what some dinosaur thinks a parent is, you at least have some idea why the USWNT’s lawsuit exists.

We’re all about meritocracy, here. As we’ve said many times: If you want to take women seriously as entrepreneurs, legislators, and world-class athletes, you need to recognize that men can be just as good at taking care of kids. That’s we push back against stereotypes from both sides.

If nothing else, we should embrace equal pay because Snoop Dogg says so. We’re rocking with that.


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