Our 2020 Call For Speakers Opens Monday! Here’s How To Get Behind The Mic

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Next week marks the Summit Solstice, that special, equidistant Hump Day between conferences. Suddenly, the Summit To Come will be closer than the Summit That Was, so it’s time to start planning in earnest for more scenes like the one above: applause, tears, and TV’s Phil Anaya (whom we see everywhere now, squiring his kids around San Antonio).

We always look forward to kicking off Summit Season with our Call For Speakers and Ideas, and this year we’re launching it on Monday, August 12! If you’re preparing to submit your idea, you should should know two very important things:

  • You have a full month to research and craft your pitch(es), until the deadline on Sunday, September 15; and
  • If you haven’t spoken with us before (and each year, at least 65% of our Speakers are new to the Summit stage), we’ve compiled a whole bunch of Summit Submission Tips to help jumpstart your prep!

Now that we’re headed toward Year 9, we have a wealth of experience to share about the topics we’ve discussed Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6 (Friday and Saturday), Year 7 (Friday and Saturday) and Year 8 (Friday and Saturday). Read all about it! Join our Facebook community and ask others who’ve taken part. Suggest programming formats and potential co-panelists.

And above all else: Do not put off submitting because your idea feels like it isn’t perfect. No idea is, and that’s the point. This is a call for Ideas, and all ideas are *actively* encouraged. Every year comes together differently, and we’re always looking for a new voice to plant behind the podium. Let’s make it yours!


Anxiety in men manifests itself in numerous ways, and far too many men remain undiagnosed.

Do you have a plan in place for the care of your children should something happen to you and your partner?

While schools and governments wrestle with the popularity of vaping, the first step of prevention begins at home.

“In the absence of keeping an open mind, family members will return to certain opinions and beliefs because that is all they know.” – Meghan Leahy

“I realized that life was passing me by. I had this son who I loved dearly, and I wasn’t able to spend any time with him . . . I want to be there.” – Adam West

“Are there particular types of outdoor experiences that kids really need? It’s not clear that anyone knows.” – Conor P. Williams

Parenting regrets? We’ve had a few.

Looking to share your stories, parenting or other? These tips may help.

To leash or not to leash? That is the parenting question.



Dance like nobody’s watching. Even when there’s somebody watching.

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