Reddit Finds Redemption (and Revenue) From “Layered Responsibility”

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Among our favorite podcasts is Ad Lib, where Ad Age Editor Brian Braiker interviews those who have moved and shaken their way to prominence in media and marketing. Braiker’s journalistic background made him an exceptional dad blogger back in the day (both on his own and at the dearly departed Dadwagon), so we enjoy hearing the insights from a Local Boy Who Made Good.

We look at his latest conversation, with Reddit COO Jen Wong, as a roadmap for how social media will redeem itself, because it shows how building brand-friendly, self-regulating online communities is both possible and profitable.

Among social platforms, unfettered growth and enthusiasm has given way to skepticism and fatigue over incidents of snooping, predation, and lawlessness. And Reddit, the self-declared “front page of the Internet,” has had to confront its own sordid side. Despite this, brands still know the best way to connect with consumers is through the authenticity of user-generated content (UGC).

The road forward, then, is to use layers of oversight to develop smaller, more focused communities that are vibrant, safe, and open to brand involvement. And Reddit, whose U.S. ad revenue is on target to double over the next two years, seems to have found the way to pave that road, by establishing the communities the web was meant to facilitate without coming across as too stifling or paternalistic.

If you remain a stubborn optimist about the web’s power to inform and inspire as well as enrich, this podcast will be really good Snoos.


Something has gone wrong when parents are willing to risk everything, including their integrity and/or jail time, to get their kids into college.

Offering paid paternity leave is a hollow gesture if the work environment makes men reluctant to take it.

Across all age groups, studies have found that strong parental communication can protect kids against low self-esteem and poor academic achievement.

“Instead of answers, what your children need when they have trouble grasping something is understanding and support. Ask them questions.”

“If a 10-year-old lit a fire at an American playground, someone would call the police and the kid would be taken for counseling.”

“Experts say enhancing ‘EQ’ may be a fundamental way to boost a child’s happiness and success, and parents can do quite a bit to promote it.”

Want your kids to be healthy and happy? There’s an outside for that.

If you act like your kids’ concierge, they derive less satisfaction from doing adult things like driving, paying bills, and being independent.

Kids (and/or you) addicted to screens? There is help.



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