Podcasts Are Big, But They’re Going To Be Huge. Start Yours.

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It was a big week at Dad 2.0-quarters, as we passed the T-minus 150 days mark before Dad 2.020 in Washington DC. We opened donations and applications for this year’s class of Scholarship recipients. And on International Podcast Day, we launched the Dad 2.0 Summit Podcast, which you can find on Stitcher, Spotify, our blog, and (soon) iTunes.

It’s tempting to hop aboard the Podcast Fatigue bandwagon, since 750,000 of them have cranked out around 30 million episodes, and many of them are just improvised navel-gazing. Even the word “podcast” itself is a silly portmanteau conjured in a journalist’s last-second “bullshit sentence.”

But as this comprehensive research webinar hosted by digital audio expert Tom Webster lays out, podcasts aren’t anywhere close to reaching maturity. This is mostly because there’s still a lot of bad information to debunk, especially among the estimated 53 million Americans aged 12 and up who have heard of podcasts but never listened to one:

  • They think they don’t have the required app (most smartphones have as many as four built in);
  • They think podcasts eat up your data plan (they don’t);
  • They think “subscribe” means to “pay for” (they’re free).

In contrast, there are plenty of insights that suggest podcasts have a lot more growing to do. Streaming services like Pandora and Spotify have recently made podcasts much easier to find, so the number of weekly listeners is only just starting to take off. Listeners also like how they can multitask while listening to podcasts (as opposed to reading or watching videos).

And ad revenue is expected to double, to $1 billion, by 2021.

If you’re hesitating to start a podcast, get some basic equipment and start. You’ll probably suck before you get better. But if you’re prepared, informative, entertaining, and diligent, your audience will find you (and it doesn’t have to be the biggest audience in the world).

Webster’s quote from his latest podcast report sums it up best for us: “If we are at ‘peak podcast,’ then we hit ‘peak book’ back in 1898. I think we’re good.”


Three weeks ago, we wrote that Forbes‘s male-dominated Innovators list would help advance professional women. Melinda Gates has offered up a billion more reasons to think so.

Even after billionaire Mark Cuban started out-earning his dad, he wasn’t allowed to pick up the check at restaurants. “He just looked at me with a death stare like, ‘Don’t even think you’re going to pay for dinner.’”

The only way to figure out how or when your sex life will resume after a miscarriage is to understand all the medical and emotional fallout she’s working through.

Fathers who drank during the three months before conception were 44% more likely to have babies born with congenital heart disease.

New dad Kieran Culkin on advice: “My favorite advice is, ‘Don’t take anyone’s advice’. I love that one. That’s kind of my favorite. I already was doing that.”

In the time it takes to read this useful guide to TikTok’s appeal, your kids can watch a few hundred TikTok videos.

In “Dad’s Maybe Book,” Tim O’Brien’s principal interest is fatherhood—specifically, at becoming a father later in his life and realizing that he will miss so much of his sons’ lives.

If you micromanage your kid’s life, the helicopter will eventually crash.

Lots of interesting data about how fathers use social media. We seek information and community online, but since male caregiving isn’t as legitimized, we tend to be more anonymous.


  • “The beautiful thirty-year-old blazers fit almost perfectly, but were snug around the chest. Unwilling to tailor them, I wore them as they were, taut around the heart.” — Michael Lista, Me, My Dad, and His Old Clothes
  • “I’ll do my best to love both of my sons so that they will never have to feel like part of their world is missing.” — Arnold Henry, Instagram post


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