Episode 3: Oops. We talked about Fight Club.

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Lots of news on this week’s pod. We’ve got our first Speaker announcement, arriving earlier than ever. The Oren Miller Dad 2.0 Scholarship Fund has broken the $1000 threshold, so we now have a minimum of three stipends to assign. (Remember: Donations and applications are open until December 2.)

And did you notice? We’ve started mapping our content to our www.dad2summit.com URL, making access to our blog, Speakers, Sponsors, scholarship, and FAQ pages more accessible (with much more to come).

We began, as always, with the main subject of our most recent Fatherhood on Friday: If you’re looking to conceive, teetotal your testicles. From there, it spiraled into blowing off pointless homework, how writing reveals our most egregious parenting flaws, and of course there’s no such thing as underground bare-knuckle brawling at Dad 2.0. How could you suggest such a thing?

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