Clear Eyes, Open Wallets, Can’t Lose: Why Philanthropy Is Flourishing

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If society’s collective heart feels a little frozen, the news that charitable giving is still robust might offer a comforting thaw. Americans gave $410 billion–or enough to buy the British royal family five times–to charities in 2017, and over 70% of that came from individuals. That’s a 5% annual rise, and a record percentage of GDP.

Our instinct is still to help people in need, and social media/crowdfunding plays a huge part in getting that help to the people who need it. And for every viral campaign (like the Ice Bucket Challenge, which raised $115 million and helped isolate the primary gene that causes ALS), there are dozens of lesser-known success stories (like Chauncy’s Chance, which started with a modest $250 goal to buy a teenager a lawn mower and raised over 1,360 times as much).

Donor fatigue is a myth, and common wisdom dictates that donors only become fatigued when the results of their donations seem less tangible. So here are some tangible results of the charitable work that the Dad 2.0 Summit community has helped bring into being:

We’ll be actively fundraising for cancer research and Scholarships until December 3 (Giving Tuesday, which is expected to blow through the $500 million mark this year). If you’re able to toss a few bucks into any of our efforts, our furry faces will thank you.


If you’re an entrepreneur influencer, one of your core chores is keeping up with the FTC‘s ever-evolving disclosure laws. Here’s the latest iteration.

“I ran the New York City marathon with my dad. Here’s what every step of the 26.2 miles was like.”

Imagine if your daughter’s boyfriend wanted to save your life by giving you a kidney.

Cheer Dad’s viral video has set a new standard for supporting your kids at football games. 

Over the past 15 years, Lamont Thomas fostered more than 30 kids in Buffalo and adopted five of them. Now, at 48, he’s starting all over again.

From the U.S. Census: Several fascinating facts about the 121 million dads in America, and now “solo” and “absent” dads have a surprising amount in common.

This year the IlliniDads, one of the country’s oldest-known parents’ associations, gave away over $14,000 to nine organizations in the University of Illinois community.

Check out Dad 2.019 alumnus Jason Kreidman‘s vlog: How your daughter interacts with you impacts how she sees the world

If you can be a better dad, you can be a better leader. And vice versa.


“If we’re late to the most important thing that’s ever happened because we’re too busy gazing at a banana moon, I’m going to lose it.” — Andrew Knott, My Children Teach Me to Focus on the Bigger Picture

“I think those manly tropes are the funniest ones to use in the ‘Rival Dad’ jokes…. A lot of guys feel like doing that stuff is a reason to puff their chests out, but I’m just trying to save a few dollars.” — Simon Holland on the Parent Normal podcast, Dad Stereotypes Versus Reality

“I set down my phone, and I told her I loved her in the clearest way that I know how. ‘If you could have any breakfast this morning, what would it be?'” — Misha Collins, Even Without A Home, We Always Had A Family Meal

“Those first couple of years, being thrown in the fire like that with twins, it was a huge challenge and something that has shaped my self and my life.” Carson Palmer to Alec Lace, First Class Fatherhood podcast

“There is another life for whom you would, in the twinkling of an eye, surrender your own. Life that depends on you, a weight that is somehow uplifting, ever-present, and inspiring.” — Chris Kenny, Don’t Demean, Ignore, or Dismiss Dads’ Daily Devotion


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