Episode 9: Love on the Lido Deck

dad2summitDad 2.0-Cast

It’s Thanksgiving Week, and this week’s episode is a perfect listen if you’re about to be one of the 55.3 million people hitting the road to Gobbletown.

The admittedly broad theme this week is, literally and figuratively, the mighty wrench. After some manly observations about car repair, Doug and Jeff shout out to some of the more impressive social platforms among the online dad community. (Life of Dad has almost 3 million Facebook followers! Over 1.1 million people follow James Breakwell’s tweets! Jorge Narvaez’s YouTube channel has over 645,000 subs!) At Dad 2.020, we’ll discuss the toolboxes they use to get under the hood to build and maintain those eye-popping populations.

Another theme among our Speaker submissions this year was that creeping feeling that we’re taking on too many things and screwing all of them up. We think 2020 could therefore start off the Boring Twenties, when people pinpoint the wrenches in our systems that compromise our productivity.

There! That wasn’t too contrived, was it?

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Photo by Matt Artz on Unsplash