Episode 11: Eat Your Heart Out, Baby Yoda

dad2summit2020 Dad 2.0 Summit, Dad 2.0-Cast

We couldn’t think of anyone more appropriate as our first-ever guest than Art Eddy, longtime podcast host (for both the Life of Dad Show and his new shingle, The Art of Fatherhood) and co-author of the Life of Dad anthology. Art is coming to Dad 2.020 to discuss how he migrated his start in radio (and its huge contact list) into his podcast career, where dads on every level of fame talk about how fame means nothing without a family to come home to.

“My whole thing is showing dads in a good light. That’s what I want to do. I don’t care if they’re famous, I don’t care if they’re a 9-to-5 guy busting his hump or has three jobs. I want to hear what makes this person tick in fatherhood.”

An avowed sneakerhead, Art also advises podcast hosts how to book and engage talent, talks about how he’d never trade his time as a stay-at-home dad, and addresses the rumor that he moved to North Carolina merely to be closer to Michael Jordan.

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