Episode 13: Can’t We Just Enjoy Stuff?

dad2summitDad 2.0-Cast

We’ve got a lot to buzz about this week. We announced our second round of Speakers and looked back on a productive 2019 with our Fatherhood on Friday Year in Review. We’re getting ready to chill out with family, Doug got to play Santa, and Jeff is going to the UK again.

Plus: If there are two things we want our kids to understand, it’s that hot takes are boring, and guilty pleasures are bullshit. If you’ve read anything about The Rise of Skywalker, you’ve seen plenty of both, but as Dave Grohl has wisely counseled: “I don’t believe in guilty pleasures. If you like something, like it.” If you want your kids to develop their own strong senses of self, teach them to love things unironically, and to ignore the online wags trying to make names for themselves by crapping all over the stuff somebody else created. Flaws are beautiful, too.

Stay tuned next week for our final cast of 2019, when we’ll have our own hot takes about the nature of dadfluence, and how the 2010s were the Decade of #Dadlife.

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