Episode 14: A Tenuous Hold On Your Circadian Rhythms

dad2summitDad 2.0-Cast

Emerging from the timeless, shapeless, (often) pantsless year-end void, it’s our last podcast of 2019!

Amid all of the amazing revelations in the 2010s, millions of #dadlife Instagram posts made fatherhood became more visible in the past decade than all the other decades combined. And our decade of dadlife post, featuring a mere 20 of the blog posts that helped build it, is already our most-read of the year.

We’ve also got big plans for the 2020s, starting with our ninth conference at the end of February. (Click here to get your ticket before the prices moves to $279 on January 1!) We’ll be editing our lives (relying on the advice of Christine Koh, who will speak at Dad 2.020 and has been podcasting with our pal Asha Dornfest since 2015), working with kids, abandoning our resolutions, and remaining taller than Andrew Knott.

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