Michael is an NASM-certified personal trainer, the founder of FitDadFitness.com, and the host of the Fit Dad Fitness Podcast, which he works on as a side project to his full-time role as a software marketing executive. Michael began his career as a sports writer before moving into the tech world, where he has built and led marketing teams at startups and at established companies. Michael’s goal with Fit Dad Fitness is to encourage fathers to live active, involved, healthy lives with their children.

While not a “daddy blogger,” Scott Baradell is both a daddy and a blogger. A father of four small children, Scott launched the Idea Grove agency with the help of his popular blog Media Orchard back in 2005 and hasn’t looked back since. Idea Grove has grown from an at-home-in-pajamas business to a 20+ person integrated PR and marketing agency serving B2B technology clients, including Fortune 500s, midside companies and startups. He is thankful every day for his wife Maria Ines and their four kiddos, Juliet, Benjamin, Jack and Christopher.

Brian is the CEO and founder of Bark, a technology solution that helps parents work together with their children to navigate the dangers of today’s digital world. An entrepreneur with more 15 years of experience (former CTO of Niche, acquired by Twitter; former CEO of Crowdstream, acquired by RadioIO; former CTO of YouCast, acquired by Social Chorus), Brian is also a dad who knew he could address a critical void in Internet safety solutions. His passion for Bark’s mission and keeping kids safe in today’s tech environment has led Bark to a successful Series A funding round and explosive growth for the company — Bark currently helps protect 3 million kids, tweens and teens in the US. Brian lives in Georgia with his family.

As a father of two young boys, Brandon is rewriting the playbook on fatherhood through his blog, The Rookie Dad. For the past 8 years, he has written about the (crazy) little moments he shares with his kids. Brandon maintains his “rookie” status by sharing all the Firsts and Unknowns of Fatherhood, while working with many brands such as Phillips 66, Facebook, Earth’s Best, Russell Athletic, Amazon, Hasbro, Mattel, and Dove Men+Care. Brandon believes in staying true to his brand while incorporating the messaging of the companies he works with.

After years chasing the American dream, Eric’s lack of work/life balance was hurting his family relationships while obesity put his health at risk. The revelation of major health issues on the horizon led him to begin a life-changing journey. Today, Eric works from home as a health coach, helping others and realizing time and financial flexibility in his new passion. His new path has created more opportunity to create memories with those he loves most. Eric is married to his best friend and partner, Stacy. Together they are raising 4 children in the Tampa Bay area and he blogs as “Dad on the Run.” He has been published twice in the Dads Behaving Dadly series.

Kenneth Braswell has spent over 28 years in the service of family and community. In 2004, he created Fathers Incorporated (FI) and has served as Executive Director since its inception. With national and international missions; the agency has provided capacity building services to thousands of organizations working to ensure that fathers contribute to the healthy well-being of their children. Kenneth also serves as the Director of the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse, an Office of Family Assistance (OFA) funded national resource for fathers, practitioners, programs/Federal grantees, states, and the public at-large who are serving or interested in supporting strong fathers and families for which FI is currently the prime contractor.

Charlie Capen is a digital veteran with a half-billion video views, a collective portfolio of 200M followers, and a decade with top studios and brands. He’s spearheaded award-winning campaigns for the most influential studios in Hollywood driving global press and cultural conversation. Following tenures at Netflix and 21st Century Fox, Charlie now serves as Vice President of GISH (Greatest Intl Scavenger Hunt) where he helps transform social good and creativity into a game played in over 100 countries, raising over $750,000 for charity. His work has made the front pages of The New York Times, Fast Company, Buzzfeed, HuffPost, and Reddit. He’s co-authored a best-seller with Random House, and in 2016, Charlie spoke on a White House panel about breaking down gender bias through parenting.

Shannon Carpenter is a humorist who has been published at numerous sites such as The Life of Dad, Fatherly, Robot Butt and has a weekly column on The Good Men Project. His work is still mostly just read by his mother. He lives in Kansas City with his three kids who are the constant source of his material. He continues to blog at Hossmanathome.com

Adam Cherepski has been writing his blog, One Flew Over My House, sporadically for years. An aspiring writer, and former English teacher, he does his best to get pen to paper, but life sometimes gets in the way. Having kids quickly served as his inspiration. He prides himself on putting a light-hearted spin on the everyday scenarios of being a dad, even when levity may be hard to find. Adam has been published in The Good Men Project and has been featured in Dad 2.0’s Porchlight Posts. His life is his wife and two children, as it should be. He works as Learning Management Systems Administrator for Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock. You can find his writing, among other things, on Facebook at @oneflewovermyhouse.

Beau Coffron is a dad who was inspired to create special lunches every Monday for his kids, while they are in school. Many of these lunches are fashioned after characters such as Despicable Me Minions, Disney Princesses, and Star Wars Characters. From this project his blog, Lunchbox Dad, was born. The blog went viral and expanded to national appearances on T.V. shows such as Good Morning America and The Steve Harvey Show. Beau has been prominently featured in People Magazine and on websites such as Buzzfeed, The Huffington Post, Bored Panda, Yahoo, E! Online, and Martha Stewart.

Josh is a 44 year old husband & father of three, living in San Diego, CA. He started creating content with his family on Vine in January 2013, but it was his irreverent skits with his (then 2yr old) son Evan (Evancredible) that helped them rise to the top of the platform. Josh has been a full time content creator since October 2013, having worked on dozens of campaigns for major companies including but not limited to Nike, Disney, Apple, Amazon, Google, Nintendo & Best Buy. They continue to create family friendly content on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram & TikTok.

KJ Dell’Antonia the author of How to Be a Happier Parent: Raising a Family, Having a Life, and Loving (Almost) Every Minute, the former lead writer and editor of the New York Times’ Motherlode blog, the co-host of the #AmWriting podcast and a regular contributor to a variety of publications. She is working on her first novel.

Dan Fisher is a seasoned entertainment executive having spent over a decade in independent film distribution in key content acquisition roles at Entertainment One, Gravitas Ventures, and Freestyle Digital Media. Currently he is founder of Poppy Pictures, a virtual all-rights distributor providing independent filmmakers with a transparent, empowering, and ultimately lucrative alternative to traditional distribution models. As of January 2019, Dan was promoted to Father with the birth of a daughter named Penelope.

Caleb Gardner is an insatiably curious strategy consultant with unique professional experience, from startups to nonprofits, from Fortune 100 clients to presidents. In addition to a formidable career in private sector at Edelman and Bain & Company, Caleb was the lead digital strategist for President Obama’s political advocacy group, OFA, bringing his unique leadership to one of the largest digital programs in existence. Now as the co-founder and managing partner of 18 Coffees, a strategy and innovation firm for the mission economy, Caleb helps build capability within businesses trying to change the world.

An Albert Einstein Distinguished Fellow Emeritus and NASA Endeavor Fellow Jonathan leads efforts across the world in promoting STEM within schools, districts, communities, and industry. For over a decade he has delivered mission driven keynotes on transformative culture and transdisciplinary STEM integration. Jonathan has a unique background working as a fellow in the U.S. Senate on STEM policy, as a district level administrator focused on STEM integration, and as a thought leader helping industry effectively rethink their impact through STEM. Currently with EVERFI, Jonathan supports and guides corporate leaders in STEM implementation on a global level. As a father of a 5-year-old daughter, he has become an advocate around “STEM for All”, leading the popular monthly twitter chat #STEM4All.

Aaron is a husband, father of three boys, former award-winning journalist, current PR guy, and an eternally psychotic New England Patriots fan. He started The Daddy Files, a now-deserted website about fatherhood, 11 years ago and leveraged it into opportunities writing for TIME, Parents Magazine, and Huffington Post. Aaron works as a senior director at a Boston PR agency during the week, but his social media side hustle has led to him going viral a few times. He’s been featured on the TODAY Show, Good Morning America, Mashable, People, The Guardian, USA Today, BBC, BuzzFeed, and the Washington Post. Aaron is working on his first nonfiction book about raising boys in the age of toxic masculinity, which will be published in Summer 2020.

Mark Greene is a Senior Editor at the Good Men Project and the author of Remaking Manhood, and The Little #MeToo Book for Men. He is the co-author with Saliha Bava, PhD, of The Relational Book for Parenting. Mark’s articles on fatherhood, the suppression of boys’ emotional expression, men’s issues and culture have been shared over 250,000 times on social media, resulting in over 20 million page views. He has written and spoken about men’s issues at The Good Men Project, Salon, Shriver Report, Uplift Connect, Yes! Magazine, BBC and the New York Times.

As the Marketing Manager of Mediavine, Jenny Guy loves using her past experience as the head of influencer and affiliate marketing for a brand as well as her MFA in Acting and college teaching experience to represent the Mediavine brand she adores. From hosting Facebook Lives and her yearly conference speaking engagements to creating brand content and managing the Mediavine blog, Jenny is passionate about all things Mediavine and marketing. When not behind a laptop, you can find Jenny spending time with family, cooking and running an Equity theatre company.

Chris Illuminati is a 5-time author, humorist, father of two and the creator of the popular parenting website and Instagram account, A Message With a Bottle. When he’s not making jokes on Post-It notes, he writes for publications such as Fatherly and BroBible.

Don Jackson is a professional media consultant, with more than a decade of experience in working with clients across many industries. He founded The Raven Media Group, a media company specializing in podcast and video editing and consulting services. He’s a cancer survivor and advocate, who founded DaddyNewbie.com as a letter to his newborn son. Along the way, he also started the ABQ Dad’s group, and co-hosted the Dad Spotlight podcast discussing topics about parenting and fatherhood.

Entrepreneur of the Year, Agency of the Year, Launch Campaign of the Year, Most Creative Agency, Best Place to Work, Social Media Icon, Hall of Fame – these are the accolades that Jim Joseph has amassed through his long career in marketing. But none are more important than being called Dad. Jim spent twenty-five years raising two children and building their self-confidence to now navigate their own lives, at a time when being divorced, single, and openly gay was not acknowledged, not accepted, and certainly not embraced. While he’s the global president of BCW and has written a trilogy of award-winning marketing books, it’s his personal book and posts on fatherhood that represent what life is all about: being an Out and About Dad.

Michael Kaufman’s latest book is “The Time Has Come: Why Men Must Join the Gender Equality Revolution”. Michael is an advisor, activist, and keynote speaker engaging men to promote gender equality and positive ideals of manhood and transform fatherhood. He’s worked extensively with the UN, governments, NGOs, and businesses in 50 countries. He co-authored the “State of the World’s Father’s Report, 2017”. He was the only man appointed by Canadian PM Justin Trudeau to his G7 Gender Equality Advisory Council co-chaired by Melinda Gates. He is the co-founder of the White Ribbon Campaign and a Senior Fellow at Promundo. He was named one of the 100 most influential people in gender equality global policy in the world. Married with two grown children, he lives in Toronto, Canada.

Robert has led marketing, sales and social media for B2B and B2C companies from both the corporate and agency sides for over 20 years. Today, he helps firms move out of the 20th century, and into the new digital age to prevent companies from becoming the next Sears. Robert teaches innovative marketing, sales and social media strategies that differentiates companies and individuals in commoditized markets – and most importantly adds value to end-clients – resulting in short-term results that also set companies and individuals up for long-term. You can reach Robert on LinkedIn.

Andrew is a writer from Orlando, Florida and father of three. He has contributed writing to multiple publications online and in print including the Washington Post, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, Scary Mommy, Weekly Humorist, Robot Butt, The Funny Times, Fatherly, City Dads Group, Fatherly, The Good Men Project, and Huff Post. He also writes on his website, Explorations of Ambiguity. He is the author of Fatherhood: Dispatches From the Early Years, a collection of essays and stories. Please don’t ask him about the time he mistook an airline pilot for a hotel concierge.

Jason Kreidman has been a search engine optimization & ecommerce expert for over 20 years helping business grow their audience and sales online. As an entrepreneur, husband, and father of two young children, he knew he had to do something different to have them all work in harmony. He felt there was a need for more support and education for fathers. So in 2017, he founded Dad University, a resource helping dads learn what they are not taught in school. Through his weekly videos and podcast, he provides advice and tips for dads on parenting, relationships, and self-development.

Adrian Kulp is the founder and blogger behind ‘Dad or Alive’. He’s a two-time author, with his latest book ‘We’re Pregnant, The First-Time Dad’s Pregnancy Handbook’ hitting #1 in multiple categories and gaining him ‘Best Seller’ status. He also serves as Head of Branded Content for ‘Life of Dad’, the largest online fatherhood community, as well as contributing heavily on the creative side. For the 15 years prior to fatherhood, Adrian served as VP of TV/Film Development for both Adam Sandler and Chelsea Handler, as well as the comic booker for The Late Late Show on CBS’. He’s currently (barely) surviving with 4 kids under the age of 9 with his wife and they currently reside in coastal Virginia.

Before becoming a dad, I had no idea of the severe lack of support and content for new dads. After hours of online searching, and realizing that quality content is just not out there, I knew I had to make a change. This revelation led me to my newfound purpose in making a difference through making YouTube videos specifically addressing issues and challenges around fatherhood. After years of creating and experimenting on YouTube, I’m consistently ranking videos on my channel called “New Dads”. The channel offers fresh ways to look at fatherhood so you can be the best version of yourself to your wife, kids, relatives, neighbors, and friends. The channel has resulted in thousands of lives transformed by inspired dads all over the globe.

Amber Leventry is a queer, nonbinary writer and advocate. They live in Vermont and have three kids, including twins and a transgender daughter. Amber’s writing appears on The Washington Post, Ravishly, Grown and Flown, Longreads, The Next Family. They are a staff writer for Scary Mommy. They also run Family Rhetoric by Amber Leventry, a Facebook page devoted to advocating for LGBTQ families one story at a time. Amber works with schools, businesses, & medical offices to make curriculum LGBTQ inclusive and affirming. They have spoken on panels and taught workshops to help people become better informed allies. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram @amberleventry. And visit their website to hire them for speaking engagements and LGBTQ training sessions.

Jamie Lieberman is a founding partner of Hashtag Legal, LLC, a law firm that works with influencer marketing professionals, online businesses, and entrepreneurs. She is also the co-host of the Businessese Influencer Marketing Podcast. Jamie partners with her clients to help them protect their assets and grow their businesses. She brings extensive experience drafting and reviewing contracts, advising clients on intellectual property issues, drafting website and mobile application terms and conditions, and negotiating on behalf of clients. Jamie is a highly experienced speaker on a wide range of legal and business topics. She is also a board member of the Influencer Marketing Association.

Dr. Josh Misner is an award-winning communication professor, author, mindfulness researcher, and avid profanity aficionado who missed the bus to adulthood somewhere around his mid-20s and continues resisting the call to grow up amid life in the inland Pacific Northwest with his undeservedly tolerant spouse and their brood of children and fur-bearing animals. A professor of communication at North Idaho College and alum of Gonzaga University, Dr. Misner’s work has been featured in a variety of publications, including Huffington Post, Time, and The Good Men Project. While authoring books on a variety of topics, from public speaking to parenting, his passion resides in using mindful presence to achieve greater balance and cultivate longer-lasting, more meaningful relationships.

For the past couple of years, Jorge has been active on & offline as a creator/speaker spreading his message of Family, Community, Art, Music and most importantly Fatherhood! He’s been featured with Youtube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki, performed on the Ellen Show with his daughter Alexa and has won various awards such as a Premios Tu Mundo award. 
Jorge is also a first-generation college graduate and has earned a degree from UCSD with a focus in Ethnic Studies, Visual arts & International Migration Studies. Just before graduation, on Jorge’s Realitychangers channel a cover of Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros’ song “Home”, sung by he and his daughter went viral. Within days millions of people around the world took notice. He continues to share content across his platforms with over 800k followers

Marc Nathan is an experienced business development professional and startup community connector who serves as the Vice President of Client Strategy for the startup law firm of Egan Nelson, LLP, and publisher of the Texas-Squared Startup Newsletter and the Texas-Boxed CPG Newsletter

Nick North is a husband, a lovingly grouchy dad to five kids, and a branding strategist. He also has a history of living as a woman, a wife, a mom who birthed four children, a photographer, a corporate type, and even an emergency medical responder. When Nick embraced his identity and came out as transgender at 30, he realized just how much gender affects the way we think, talk, sell and function. He now speaks from his experience on both sides of the gender coin, empowering both men and women to live authentically and powerfully, while also making more money following their passion and their gut.

As a personal development coach, motivational speaker, author and a stay-at-home dad, Jonathan “J.O.” Oliver helps people attain success in the midst of facing some of life’s greatest challenges. He is happily married to Dr. Saran Oliver and together they have two adorable daughters, Journey and Justice. Being diagnosed with the gift of dyslexia and ADHD has allowed him to see what is possible rather than feel limited by his condition. Seeking to impact his passion to many, “J.O.” has authored two highly sought after books, “Joy In The Journey: 1st Year Chronicles From A Stay At Home Dad,” and “Impersonations.” His newest book, “To The Little Boy In Me: Learning with Dyslexia & ADHD” will be released in the Spring.

Neal Pollack is the author of Alternadad and nine other semi-bestselling books of fiction and nonfiction. He’s also the co-host, with his teenage son Elijah, of the Extra Credit podcast on Audible.com. The editor-in-chief of Book And Film Globe, Pollack lives in Austin, Texas with his wife and son.

Patrick Quinn is the Creative Content and Influencer Manager at PR Hacker. His previous role as co-founder and Creative Director at Life of Dad gave him unique insight into both sides of influencer/brand work. As an influencer, Patrick has created several viral content pieces for Life of Dad that has been featured both nationally and internationally. Some of his brand work has been recognized with international marketing awards and were featured in international publications and news programs. He now merges his perspective as an influencer and his experience working with brands as the influencer point-man for PR Hacker. Patrick lives in Austin, Texas with his wife, three kids dog and a fish (that his kids insist he includes as family members.)

Mike Reynolds is the creator of Everyday Girl Dad, a social community and website that looks to empower fathers and men in positive discussions around feminism and masculinity. As a writer and a speaker, Mike tells stories behind the relationships between dads and daughters, exploring how that bond is instrumental in helping both parent and child understand the impact they have on making change in the world. He wants dads to be reassured it’s okay to cry, to express emotion, and to build relationships through conversation. Mike lives in Ottawa with his partner and two daughters and can be easily spotted in a crowd thanks to his penchant for feminist t-shirts and tattoos of his daughters’ artwork.

Riley Evan Ross is the host of the Y’all OK Podcast, the podcast about Oklahoma and the people connected to it. He is also a certified Project Manager and Change Management Professional in the Federal Government. Through www.RileyEvanRoss.com, he writes and speaks on the topics of Redefining Moderation for the 21st Century. In this age of extremes, Riley seeks to teach his two sons about maintaining a life of balance through honesty, compassion, boundaries, and resilience. If he finds any free time, it’s typically spent thinking about the minimally acceptable beard length for a professional setting.

A writer, father and husband, Cort Ruddy lives and works in upstate New York, raising four kids along with his wife. A former journalist and speechwriter, Cort blogs about his family’s humorous adventures at RuddyBits.com and tweets at DadBits. He regularly makes it on weekly lists of funny parent tweets and was included in Fatherly’s 100 Funniest Parenting Tweets of 2018. His articles and essays have appeared in Adirondack Life, Central New York Magazine and the Nation, and on many sites, including Huff Post Parents, the Good Men Project and Life of Dad.

Joe is a photographer, writer, educator and most importantly Dad from Lacey, WA. His days are spent running after a rambunctious 2 year old but his nights are regularly filled with covering Seattle Sounders matches and running after his rambunctious wife of nearly 10 years. Joe holds a Bachelors degree in Family and Consumer Sciences and a Masters degree in Systemic Counseling. In his free time he enjoys hiking, long drives and volunteering his photography skills to groups and individuals who otherwise wouldn’t get photos taken.

Founder and CEO of Up Top Agency, Jessi Sanfilippo leads a creative agency that specializes in establishing a fresh and effective workflow for internal marketing teams and develops B2B/B2C strategy for marketing communications that afford bottom lines the high five they deserve. She is also the award-winning humorist behind SHUGGILIPPO, a millennial parenting and lifestyle space she created as a place to unabashedly post the obscure 80s pop culture references that constantly occupy her brain. Jess was fortunate enough to add the distinct title of “Mom” to her resume in 2008 following the birth of her 11-year-old son. At the time he was an infant.

Jordan Shapiro is the father of two sons and author of “The New Childhood: Raising Kids to Thrive in a Connected World.” He’s a globally celebrated thought-leader who writes, researches and speaks about kids, technology, family life, and parenting. He’s Senior Fellow for the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop and Nonresident Fellow for the Center for Universal Education at the Brookings Institution. He teaches at Temple University in Philadelphia.

Joe Shaw is the host, producer, editor, etc. of The DTALKS (Dad Talks About Life, Kids and Stuff) Podcast, named one of the “9 Podcasts in Dallas You Need to Listen to” by the Dallas Observer in June 2018. The podcast, which is a primary parenting resource for the community of dads the show supports, originally started in fall 2016 with the help of friends and former co-hosts as a 3-man “parenting advice” show. Joe, now the solo host, holds conversations with people across the spectrum of life experiences to draw out lessons we can teach our children. The show is a proud member of the Vokal Now community and is their only parenting-related programming. Joe is a proud dad of two children, ages 4 and 1.

David Stanley is a teacher, author, voice-over actor, and speaker. His work has appeared in national magazines on topics from professional bicycle racing to men and suicide. His book, Melanoma, It Started with a Freckle was hailed as “harrowing, insightful, technical, and hilarious.” He is at work on his next book. He is the narrator of 27 audiobooks on subjects ranging from Alzheimer’s, bicycle racing, the NBA, to mountaineering. Stanley speaks on melanoma awareness, fatherhood and life, and the intersection of his Jewish faith and its implications for health care providers. He is currently employed at Genesee Academy. GA is Flint, MI’s only Islamic Day school where he teaches high school science. David is actively involved with Jewish-Muslim interfaith activities.

Tom is a co-founder of Lifestyle Builders™, a coaching and training company that helps entrepreneurs build their businesses to create more impact with their customers and more freedom in their lives. Over the past 15 years, Tom has helped with thousands of business leaders and their teams create more success, from Fortune 500 companies to startups. During this time, Tom has honed and refined his philosophies, models, and strategies for growing entrepreneurial businesses. Tom and his wife Ariana share their philosophies and guidance for entrepreneurs on their Lifestyle Builders podcast and their upcoming book Lifestyle Builders: Build Your Business, Quit Your Job, & Create Your Ideal Life. They reside in Rochester, NY with their daughter and son.

Andrew is a professional videographer and part-time YouTuber creating vlogs and reviews for fellow new dads. He’s a New York native currently living in Dallas with his wife and 2-year old son, and they’re expecting their second child this June. Andrew started his YouTube channel, Dad Verb, as a vlogging channel to share his experience of transitioning to fatherhood. Over time, his videos have resonated with new parents looking for baby product reviews among a mom-filled space. It has grown a small following by providing tips for expectant dads while adding a slightly different spin on family vlogging.

Jeff “fuzzy” Wenzel is a digital and social media expert, project manager and business developer who has created and maintained a social media presence for over 450 client projects on multiple social media platforms. He is a co-founder of Woodshed Agency, an S.E. Michigan based digital media company that has established themselves as crowd-funding pioneers with over 300 successful campaigns to their credit.

Amy Wilson co-hosts the podcast “What Fresh Hell: Laughing in the Face of Motherhood,” which won the 2017 Iris Award for Best Podcast at Mom 2.0. She is the author of the parenting memoir WHEN DID I GET LIKE THIS? (Harper Collins) and the creator of MOTHER LOAD, a one-woman show which toured to 16 cities nationwide after running off-Broadway. Amy is an actor who has performed on Broadway, as a series regular on two sitcoms, and in many other TV shows and films. She directed the NYC version of LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER for six years. She’s written for magazines like Redbook and American Baby, and news websites like NPR, CNN, and the New York Times.

Aaron Yavelberg is a clinical social worker who specializes in working with children and families in the mental health field. He tells stories through his blog, Sleeping On The Edge, about his experiences learning about parenting, modern gender roles and social interactions. Aaron has contributed to the Huffington Post On the Blog, City Dads Group, and Dads Round Table and is always ready to hear the next great Dad Joke.

Doug Zeigler is a father of four teens and a husband to one marvelous woman. Basketball, 80’s music trivia, and scotch are some but not all of his passions. He’s been featured in Huffington Post and The Good Men Project for his views on parenting and mindfulness. In his rare spare moments, he co-hosts the Parental Dadvisory podcast, a NSFW discussion about all things Fatherhood.