What We’ll Be Talking About at the 2020 Dad 2.0 Summit

Doug French2020 Dad 2.0 Summit, Announcements, Fatherhood on Friday

Last February, the theme of the 2019 Dad 2.0 Summit in San Antonio was The Comfort of Discomfort, which acknowledged that meaningful milestones happen only when enough people are motivated enough to strive for them. That’s sort of been our thing all along, since Dad 2.0 wouldn’t exist unless enough parents decided we needed a conference with “Dad” in its title.

A year later, we’ve made a lot of progress in the steadfast efforts to establish male caregiving as the new normalsecure paid leaveshare parentingexpand our networkshelp our kids take calculated risks, and get a life. We’ve also got a brand-new brand that elevates these discussions all year round.

As we gear up to announce our third round of Speakers and our programming schedule, here’s a look at some of the topics we’ll be discussing when the conference starts eight Fridays from now:

Our Professional Development track will include discussions about:

  • Current Trends in Influencer Marketing
  • How to Create A Blockbuster Instagram Feed (and Why Instagram Is Killing Twitter)
  • Why Keeping Up with SEO is a huge part of any marketing plan
  • Expanding Your Brand with eBooks
  • Resolving to Launch Your Passion Project …
  • … and Use Crowdfunding To Get Your Seed Money
  • Booking Big Talent For Your Podcast
  • Building A Successful Subscription Site by Engaging Your Subscribers
  • Cutting-Edge Metrics to Analyze Your Followers
  • Pursuing a career in Professional Writing …
  • … by contributing to the Washington Post …
  • … or incorporating Your Influencer Opportunities into your work.

Among our Personal Development workshops, we’ll be figuring out how to:

  • Edit Our Lives by purging the nonsense that obscures our focus.
  • Pursue Work/Work Balance, so we can feed both our souls and our kids…
  • … and determine if Working Remotely is the answer.
  • Cope with Substance Abuse, either with or as a recovering addict.
  • Bring Your Own Chair when anyone says there’s no room at the table.

We’ll be talking to the DC Mayor’s Office of Fathers, Men, and Boys to discuss how their #FlipTheScript campaign “dispels the myth of the absent Black father, combats negative imagery of men of color, and highlights the role of fathers as it relates to early childhood development.”

We’ll go deeper into the legislative effort to make paid family leave the law of the land, and to assess and eliminate the social and financial punishments that men who take that leave still face.

We’ll also learn how Dan Kois took his family around the world to bring them closer together, and wrote about it; Donte Palmer helped turn a viral photo into a nationwide phenomenon featuring John Legend; and Taylor Calmus turned his multifarious skill set and relentless enthusiasm into a fast-rising YouTube channel.

Combined with our customary Friday night Dad Voices writing workshop (featuring the raucous return of John Kinnear), and myriad discussions about life, work, brotherhood, spouses, ex-spouses, new parents, co-parents, sandwich parents, and the wonderful madness of raising kids of every age, we’re in for the weekend we need to redefine our goals and redouble our commitment to achieve them.

We’re all looking forward to Leap Day: Stay tuned for eight weeks of our favorite announcements that will help you make the most of it!