Episode 17: Lying Naked On A Bed of LEGOs

Doug FrenchDad 2.0-Cast

If you’re ever in the mood for a languid, discursive discussion about The State of Things, find some time for a chat with our guest Charlie Capen, whose versatility has made him the one person to speak at every Dad 2.0 Summit since its inception in 2012. (Please step forward for your Eight-Timers Club smoking jacket.)

Charlie’s career has centered on communication ever since he co-founded How To Be A Dad, arguably the web’s first breakout dad content. He’s moved on to a handful of professional social media gigs and then to GISH, where he works to elevate new author Misha Collins‘s unique blend of silliness, community, and do-gooding with loony, memorable personal interaction.

So where is fatherhood today, and how to we extend the conversation beyond the complacency of anodyne meme culture? Must all messaging be “snackable”? And would Burt Reynolds have excelled as a dad blogger?

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