Save 20% during 20-20-20 Week!

dad2summit2020 Dad 2.0 Summit, Announcements

With a name like Dad 2.0, in a year like 2020, on a day like January 20, we can’t help but see an opportunity. Now that our tickets are nearing a sellout, and we’re about to announce another 20 Speakers, we’re chopping 20% off our ticket price until midnight Friday PT!

And here’s the kicker: Three days this week, we’ll be drawing a random attendee to win a free Deluxe Suite Upgrade for three nights at the Mandarin Oriental DC! Each suite measures over 6oo square feet and features a “spa-inspired” bathroom with tub and a beautiful, expansive view that’s the perfect place for entertaining.

Everyone who has booked a ticket (with the “dad202020” code that slices 20% off the price) and reserved a room (for just $199/night) at the Mandarin is eligible! So if getting your space at Dad 2.020 is something you’re determined to get around to, get around to it today!