Episode 18: Completely Incoherent Trainwrecks

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The number 18 is important to every parent, because that’s the age when your kid experiences “an abrupt transfer of power.” An 18-year-old can vote, buy property, go to grown-up prison, and legally tell you to piss off when you ask how they’re doing–but they can’t (as we found out with our fact-check) buy cigarettes.

So we’re a little pensive this week, trying to process Kobe Bryant’s sudden, shocking death, Jeff’s jetlag, and the ongoing conundrum of when to write, when to edit, and when to let yourself be edited. We also discuss an important new topic at Dad 2.020: Establishing Your Next Vertical. Sure, you’re a dad. But are you a Dad Who Cooks? Travels? Does It Yourself? Fatherhood will always enrich us the most, but ironically enough it is lessening in importance when brands look for partners who can reach a particular audience.

Plus: Dialogue is music, the first draft of The Blues Brothers was 324 pages long, and blog posts aren’t necessarily written. And here’s that amazing cover of Thunderstruck constructed from a year’s worth of baby noises.

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