Episode 19: Make Your “But” Extravagant

Doug FrenchDad 2.0-Cast

February is Dad 2.0 month, and this year it comes in hot in the most literal sense with a discussion about the delicate dance between brands and influencers with our longtime pal Patrick Quinn! We met Patrick as co-founder of Life of Dad, and now he cobbles together influencer marketing campaigns as Creative Content and Influencer Manager at PR Hacker in Austin.

A staunch advocate of dad-related content, Patrick will be speaking at Dad 2.020 about making yourself known as “a father AND,” because campaigns are often looking for dads who have established other layers of expertise. And Jeff jumps right in, having spent years transitioning his “Out With The Kids” brand to “less Kids, and more Out.” What follows is a deep dive into negotiating (and knowing your worth), booking work for the longer term, and making the most of however big your platforms are.

If you’ve been in this business for 10 years or 10 minutes, Patrick is a great guy to know. Come meet him at this year’s Dad 2.0 Summit, where as he says, “You’re going to leave with 1,000 more best friends.”

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