Episode 20: Livin’ the Shared Bathroom Life

Doug FrenchDad 2.0-Cast

This week, Jeff reports in from Cheyenne, Wyoming, whose hardy, pioneering spirit makes it the Dad 2.0 of cities. It’s beautiful and evolving and building new verticals (literally) every day. Plus: Lots of eight-foot-tall cowboy boots!

Since 20 is such an important milestone, we’re kind of all over the place with episode. There’s the usual stuff about girl dads and boy dads (referring to this week’s Fatherhood on Friday, about the #GirlDad phenomenon that flooded Twitter with girl dad photos), the Oscars and #WhiteMaleRage, and the now rarefied privilege of writing with a skilled editor. (Shout-out to Amy Joyce, editor of the Washington Post’s On Parenting, and Farah Miller, Director of Content Strategy at NYT Parenting, who’ll both be attending to add to their stable of writer dads.)

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