Breakouts on the Beltway: A Guide to Our 2020 Summit Panels

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As you may know from listening to Episode 21 of our award-seeking podcast, today is Programming Release Day! If you’re able, have a listen to the discussion about the mainstage, the breakout panels, the ShowHow workshops, the roundtables, the brand-new Sched app that we’ll be using, and the Speakers (including the Third Round, whom we announced last week) who’ll make it all happen.

The format that affords the deepest dives into the ideas and practices that build and sustain our community is the Breakout Panels, which will begin on Saturday (Leap Day!) morning. Here are the topics we’ll be discussing, and the discussers who’ll be on the dais:

Saturday, 9:30 – 10:45am 

Paid Leave I: The Legislative Hurdles
It may be hard to fathom how an idea with near-universal support can encounter such legislative difficulty. But as Vermont’s recent veto illustrates, consolidating diverse opinions on how a program should be run and funded can be prohibitively difficult. Our panelists will relay their experiences on the front lines of this battle, offer contrast with other countries who have enacted paid leave, and discuss why they think success is more of a when than an if.
John Badalament ▪ Julia Beck ▪ Jordan Lewis ▪ Dean Peacock ▪ Whitney Pesek

Dads and Brand Relations: What Happens Next?
Building a viable influencer business requires keeping track of how far and wide the goalposts are moving. The spectrum of KPI, from impressions to engagement to conversion rates, varies among potential brand partners, and this panel will focus on how to be as prepared and versatile as possible to pitch, land, and fulfill the campaigns that will leave both sides of the transaction feeling happy.
John Andrews ▪ Glen Henry ▪ Tola Oyewole ▪ Danielle Wiley 

Edit Your Life: Finding Focus by Deciding What Matters
Anyone who has weeded a garden knows that making room for the important stuff in our lives is a lot of work. And as responsibilities to our jobs and families expand, dads need more than ever to develop the skill to prioritize and focus on what matters. We all know less is more, and our panelists know more about achieving more with less.
Tawfiq Ammari ▪ Jonathan Baxter ▪ Christine Koh ▪ Carl Nelson ▪ Bud Ward

Saturday, 11:00 – 12:00pm 

Paid Leave II: Why Dads Are Still Wary
Paid leave is more available to working fathers than ever, but taking it still conjures too many questions. Is the policy too complex? Does the money add up? Will taking leave damage your work standing or lower your earning potential? Paid leave has a long way to go before it is socially normalized, and our panelists will offer a definitive assessment of modern workplaces and gauge the reality behind the rewards.
Michael Andersen-Leavey ▪ Jennifer Brown ▪ Jessica DeGroot ▪ Steve Disselhorst ▪ Patrick Riccards ▪ Haley Swenson

Build A Powerhouse Instagram Platform
As Instagram nears its tenth birthday, its American platform is expected to reach 125.5 million active users by 2023. So if you’re cultivating any type of online presence, you need to be there. Our panelists are big on IG, and they have lots to say about how improved functionality, strong engagement potential, and how building a large following comes with a whole new set of responsibilities.
Charlie Capen ▪ Jeff Cronin ▪ Aaron Sheldon ▪ Joel Willis

Bring Your Own Chair
Content creation is wide open, and so is the opportunity to interpret and portray modern fatherhood. If you’ve been told you don’t fit a particular model, that’s their problem, not yours. These dads aren’t interested in creating content that colors within the lines, because one of the best ways to distinguish your work is to be the thing they don’t expect.
Matt Dudzinski ▪ James Lopez ▪ Aaron McGee ▪ Casey Palmer ▪ Angel Santiago

Saturday, 1:30 – 2:30pm

Work/Work Balance: Feed Your Family and Your Soul
For many of us, juggling our professional and personal lives is a pipe dream, and the more pressing issue is how to keep the day job and nurture the side gig. Whether you’re writing before dawn or burning the midnight oil, it’s never too late to build the discipline and routine that keeps all your plates spinning, especially if you’re looking to make your side hustle into your primary gig.
Vin Dunleavy ▪ Mike Julianelle ▪ Farah Miller ▪ Mark Savant

Perks and Pitfalls of the Professional Podcaster
Podcasts are plentiful, but they have a lot more growing to do. Listeners are still discovering their versatility and range of topics, and ad revenue is expected to double, to $1 billion, by 2021. Our panelists have experience working through leaner times and booking prominent guests. If you’re prepared, informative, entertaining, and diligent, your audience will find you.
Art Eddy ▪ Alec Lace ▪ Larry Hagner ▪ Anthony Palmer ▪ Michael Smith 

Coping With Substance Abuse
Whether you’ve been sober 20 years or 20 days, or even if you’re just wondering if you or someone you care about has a problem with alcohol, this panel will discuss the warning signs, the difficult decisions, and the painful but rewarding transitions they’ve made into sobriety.
Mitch Chaitin ▪ Mike Cruse ▪ Thom Hofman ▪ John Kinnear ▪ Ben Nordstrom