Episode 21: Programming, From Anthony to Zeigler

Doug French2020 Dad 2.0 Summit, Announcements, Dad 2.0-Cast

So what’s this Summit all about, anyway? If you’ve discovered us since our last meetup, and are still considering snapping up one of the last few tickets we have, this is the episode for you. To celebrate Programming Release Day, Jeff and Doug talk about the mainstage, the breakout panels, the ShowHow workshops, the roundtables, and the Speakers (including the Third Round, whom we announced last week) who’ll make it all happen.

We also talk about potential future venues, which leads to London, which leads to more soccer talk (obvs). And does living in a blissful afterlife fundamentally conflict with the essential sadness of humanity?

Take a listen, and if you haven’t booked your room at the Mandarin Oriental yet, please be very cordially advised that the deadline for the $199/night rate is today!

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