Returns For More Conversations About Families and Alcohol

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We met our friends at when we were last in DC, when they helped welcome us to Dad 2.016 with a strong message to inspire responsible choices for those who choose to drink. Now that some of our kids are nearing or have reached the legal drinking age, we parents need to be confident about our decisions regarding alcohol so we can model healthy, balanced behaviors and encourage frank conversations with them from an early age.

For 27 years, has been leading the fight to eliminate drunk driving and underage drinking. And their efforts are working: Underage drinking among 8th, 10th, and 12th graders has dropped to its lowest level – 54% – since 1991, and binge drinking rates have declined 57% percent since then.

Come meet (including their new Executive Director Ben Nordstrom, who will participate in a Saturday panel about coping with substance abuse) at our Welcome Reception next week, where we’ll sample and discuss the process of crafting distilled spirits. We’ll also open up dialogues about how (or if) we use alcohol and contemplate the conversations we have at home about it. They’ve been partnering with influencers since they launched their #TalkEarly program in 2013, and this year they’re building on that strategy and developing a team to engage with parents with kids of all ages!