Bark Is Back, and Expanding Its Mission to Keep Our Kids Safe

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If you were with us in San Antonio last year, you learned a lot about the story of Bark, the app that monitors text messages, emails, and more than 30 apps and social media platforms on your child’s phone for signs of potential issues like cyberbullying, acts of violence, self-harm, suicidal ideation, and sexual predation.

Bark was a fit for us when they attended last year, because they came to Dad 2.019 with a strong desire to learn more about how parents from a diverse range of backgrounds talk to their kids about when and how to use personal technology. They’re also longtime friends who know a lot about social engagement and the power of the parent blogger space to create and communicate important messaging about keeping our kids safe online.

As its product evolves to incorporate more of its customer needs, Bark is returning to the Dad 2.0 Summit to add to its ambassador and affiliate programs and help spread the word about its services and successes. Stop by their booth to learn important information, sign up for a trial subscription, and even grab some killer swag!