Dove Men+Care Returns as Our First-Ever Premier Sponsor

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If you’ve followed Dove Men+Care in the news over the past year, you’ve seen them take as active a brand role as there is in the effort to make paid leave the nation’s new normal. One of its primary activations at Dad 2.019 in San Antonio, for example, was the Pledge for Paternity Leave where they launched a call to action for dads, allies, and business leaders to show their support. As of now, thousands of supporters have signed on. They’ve also created Advocates for Paternity Leave, a private Facebook community where members share activation tools and resources, and other dads and allies can find information on how they can get involved.

And saving the best for last: to address the immediate needs of dads without any access to paid leave, Dove Men+Care has committed $1 million through its Paternity Leave fund, which continuously distributes grants and will continue to do so through the end of 2020.

These are among the countless reasons why we’re so happy to welcome Dove Men+Care back to Dad 2.0 Summit as our first-ever Premier Sponsor. Through their tangible, effective efforts to drive bipartisan support of federally-provided paid family leave, Dove Men+Care will continue its long-held assertion that equal paid leave is not only desired; it is necessary.

While we’re in DC, look for Dove Men+Care to discuss paternity leave with their NGO partner PL+US in the first of our two Saturday panels on paid leave. Dads will be able to visit their suite and create “#DadsCare: How To” videos that will create positive depictions of fathers and provide an educational platform for new dads to view post-conference. And their Saturday Call To Action Lunch will emphasize the simple fact that making the change we need requires more than just passive social support – we need to all come together and actively participate in the process.