Best Buy Returns For Year 6 To Focus On Professional Development

dad2summit2020 Dad 2.0 Summit, Announcements, Sponsor

After six years, we’ve all come to appreciate the familiarity of Best Buy’s big yellow tag in our Marketplace. Best Buy is the go-to destination for the latest technological products and services that help make our lives easier and more fun. And this year, in keeping with their rich tradition of recruiting influencers to its Best Buy Influencer Network, the Best Buy team is taking a particular interest in the professional development track of our programming.

As you’ll see when you stop by the Best Buy Lounge, much of the panels and ShowHow workshops dedicated to professional development — touching on topics such as how to book talent for your podcast, build your Instagram platform, maintain a profitable subscription site, develop alternate verticals for your content, and use your data to determine the value of your platform — will take place right across the hall in Oriental Ballroom B (for Best Buy, naturally).

Our extended relationship with Best Buy has a been a huge reason why dads have become ambassadors for so many brands over the years. If you’re looking to up your game and expand sponsorship participation in your online content, come check out the Best Buy Lounge and learn about the Best Buy Influencer Network. And it wouldn’t hurt to thank them for all these years of fervent commitment to turning dads into viable business partners.