Episode 22: Summit Lovin’: The Complete Sponsor Guide

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Last week, we announced a slew of 2020 Sponsors, a bracing blend of familiar faces (like Dove Men+Care, who’s been with us since our scrappy little salvo in 2012) to new friends (like Caulipower, who’ll be bringing samples of their delicious and innovative nutrition to Washington DC). It’s all part of this week’s Fatherhood on Friday column, where we also revealed the Summit’s 2020 theme: “Dadfluence” Is Better Than Influence. They’re not mutually exclusive, and the best brand relationships feature a heaping helping of both.

Learn more about surviving on pemmican on the first voyage to the South Pole (read The Last Place on Earth here), mangling the timeline of visual media (YouTube predated Vine by eight years), and how the Dream of the ’90s (as well as the 1890s) is alive in Portland.

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