Your Guide to 2020 Roundtables and ShowHow Workshops


Now that we’ve described our Beltway Breakout sessions, which have multiple panelists and are driven by discussions of important ideas, it’s time to talk about another big programming element: Our Workshops, which are more focused on action items for achievement in various online pursuits.

Our Roundtable Workshops (Friday, 2:10-3:45pm) serve as a drop-down menu of opportunity. We have ten tables in the main ballroom, and you choose how to spend your four 20-minute sessions:

  1. The Science of Working Remotely | Marlon Gutierrez
    Sometimes, the best way to balance work and life is to both at home.
  2. Bringing Authenticity to Your Brand Work | Creed Anthony
    Influence begins with a genuine story your readers can relate to.
  3. Podcasting for Beginners | Christopher Lewis
    Don’t put off starting your podcast; there’s still plenty of room to make your mark.
  4. Build Your Brand With eBooks | Jill Krause
    Establish your expertise (and another useful media vertical) with direct publishing.
  5. Become A Freelance Entrepreneur | Jeff Bogle
    Strategies for a successful freelance career require innovative, long-term thinking.
  6. Professional Writing: Not Just For Freelancers | Carter Gaddis
    If you want to write for a living, there are options for you to secure a steady paycheck.
  7. Influence in Wellness: Opportunities In A Thriving Industry | Stuart Smith
    Wellness is a $4 trillion industry, and it offers lots of ways to work steadily.
  8. Increase Web Traffic With SEO | Jason Kreidman
    SEO keeps evolving, and it’s still an important and intuitive way to attract more views.
  9. Fathers and Feminism | Amy Nelson
    Gender equality will make families function better, and dads are a big part of the effort.
  10. Online Safety: Protecting Kids From Predators | Roo Powell
    Learn the warning signs of online grooming, and get resources to help you fight it.

Then come our more recent arrival: A breakout/roundtable hybrid we call the ShowHow (Saturday, 3:00-6:00pm): It combines the specific How-To goals of a roundtable but focuses them in a breakout room for a longer, 45-minute timeframe:

Round 1: 3:00-3:45pm

How To Mentor Your Kid’s Influencer Career
Gen Z has arrived on the influencer stage with a whole new set of rules.
Jason Falls | Oriental Ballroom A

How To Build A Subscription Site and Make It Flourish
Subscriptions are the most direct source of revenue, but they come with unique responsibilities. Deborah Moebes | Oriental Ballroom B

How To Commit To Your Passion Project
Start building your plan to produce and market your creative inspiration. Tomorrow is now.
Nick North | Oriental Ballroom C

Round 2: 4:00-4:45pm

How to Write For The Washington Post
Learn how to pitch, write, and edit your work so you can get that national byline.
Amy Joyce, Braden Bell | Oriental Ballroom A

Dad And…: How To Find Your Second Vertical
Establish and specify your area(s) of expertise so brand partners can find their targeted audience.
Patrick Quinn | Oriental Ballroom B

How To Crunch Your Demographic Data
To speak to your followers, readers, and customers, you need to know them better than anyone.
Julie Nowell | Oriental Ballroom C

Round 3: 5:00-5:45pm

Left Out: The Importance of Including Fathers in Government Programming
Join the effort to reform fatherlessness and educational disparities that limit men and boys of color.
Jason Wallace | Oriental Ballroom A

How To Know the True Value of Your Influence
Your platform engagement is likely larger than you think, and it’s your best leverage for negotiation.
Jessi Sanfilippo | Oriental Ballroom B

How To Use Crowdfunding to Seed Your Next Project
Funding strategy varies with the project; hone your plans, stay flexible, and think many moves ahead.
Jeff Wenzel | Oriental Ballroom C