Healthline Parenthood To Host An Event About Marketing to Parents

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Dad 2.0 Sponsor Healthline Parenthood is a media platform that gives parents one of the most important information resources we can use: a trusted voice in health and wellness advice. It can be difficult to parse all the contrary advice on the web, but Healthline cuts through the confusion with straightforward, expert-reviewed experiences designed to help you make the best decisions for your family.

With that in mind, we’re happy to tell you they’re about to host a panel event, Marketing to New Parents: The Trends to Know for 2020, which will examine some of the most innovative companies that are addressing the challenges and realities of today’s new parents. Topics will include:

  • The Work Life: new products and services to support parents in their journey back into the workforce
  • The Good Life: brands that are merging design with functionality to appeal to the whole family
  • The Health Life: as awareness of mental and whole-body health gain traction, we are witnessing the normalization of formerly hush-hush topics like breastfeeding, infertility, and PPD.

If you’re looking for comprehensive information on parenthood health and wellbeing, check out Healthline Parenthood! By keeping new parents up to date with important information about physical and mental health, they believe they can help all new families thrive.

If you’re a brand or brand marketer looking to connect with parents, you live in the New York City area, and you think this information would be helpful, Healthline Parenthood invites you to RSVP here.