Five Mainstage Moments That Defined Dad 2.0 in DC

Doug French2020 Dad 2.0 Summit, Fatherhood on Friday

On Wednesday, Episode 23 of the podcast was alive with nostalgia for the DC Summit that just was and excitement for the new fall LA Summit to come. The overall compendium of 17 mainstage speakers, 10 Roundtable Workshops, and 18 Breakout Panels and ShowHows is impossible to distill in just a few paragraphs, but these five memorable moments leap to mind:

We learned from keynoter Kenneth Kellogg that he is terribly conflicted by “The Talk,” when black parents have to tell their kids how to operate in the world to survive. “Why is it my problem to teach my child how to make someone else feel empowered?”

We learned from keynoter Jason Falls that there is a specific, important difference between “having influence” and “being influential,” because the latter includes those moments of dadfluence that we display every day in our offline lives.

We learned that during ThreeNoter Dan Kois‘s peripatetic family adventure, when they pulled up stakes and spent the next year living in New Zealand, the Netherlands, Costa Rica, and Hays, Kansas, he once relied on a snapshot of a photocopy of a printout of an emailed check in order to keep his bank account solvent.

We learned about the people who have reached out to ThreeNoter Donte Palmer about his #SquatForChange efforts. As grateful as he is for all the support he has received from celebrities, some of the most fulfilling communications have come from people “on the other side of wealth and fame,” like the teenage boy from The Gambia who wrote, “I don’t have a toilet, but I will stand to support your movement.”

We learned from ThreeNoter Taylor Calmus that he came very close to abandoning Dude Dad, because he felt overwhelmed and assumed he had to make a hard choice in order to focus on providing for his family. And that’s when his wife stared him down and said, “You’re not quitting Dude Dad,” because even though it took up a lot of time and wasn’t bringing in any money yet, she knew there was a reason for him to keep doing it.

Most important of all, we learned that this community is ready to evolve, to meet more often, to share their extraordinary stories, and to inspire others to create the change they want to see.

We can’t wait to learn more of that in Los Angeles.


Both Ivan Peñaloza and his daughter have a Leap Day birthday, something the medical staff hadn’t seen in at least 30 years.

After he posted his first TikTok dancing video dancing with his son in the NICU, he woke up to hundreds of thousands of views.

This father used the amazing GoPro footage of his son being buried under five feet of snow to help distribute a skiing safety message about how to react in a “mini-avalanche.”

A group of dads came together to support their daughters by learning and performing a cheerleading routine that brought the house down.

Three dads marketing themselves as the “Three Dads” are running as a team for the Hackensack Board of Education.

Even the most flexibly-houred, home-officed, financially secure working dads and moms need a parenting posse to help fill in the gaps. Here’s how to find yours.

A couple that share a photography business in Montana have dialed down their unpredictable travel schedule in favor of a more stable routine with their two young sons.

The ballet teacher noticed how involved her students’ dads were in getting them ready for class. So, she invited the men to join in.

Work and nonwork balance better if you draw a decisive line between them.


“What Dad 2.0 reminded me of (it didn’t necessarily teach me, because I already knew it) is that there is no reason not to say the things you have to say, regardless of what the end game might be.” — Daniel BattsGet Off Your Ass and Do Something – A Letter to My Kids

“As an attendee who experienced a loss with many of these men, it was important to me to return to thank, appreciate, and honor those connections and make some new ones.” — Rob Ainbinder, Dad 2.0 Summit 2020 Washington, DC in the Rearview

“Generous, hilarious, creative, persistent, serious, vulnerable, strong; today’s dad is all these.” — David Stanley, What’s Up, Daddy Two-Point-Oh? The Dad 2.020 Summit

“I’ve been amazed this weekend at how many guys who’ve been open and vulnerable about where they are. And so many of them are working on it. As we all should.” — Anthony Palmer, Wake.Dad.Drink.Repeat podcast

“The seeds that Brené Brown planted way back when have grown fruit, and the last few Dad 2.0 Summits have been bigass flowers of masculine vulnerability and wonderfulness.” — Adam Gertsacov, Seeing Dad 2.0 2020 with Clear Eyes and a Full Heart


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