Episode 25: Coronavirus Q&A for Expectant Fathers (with Craig Garfield)

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Remember when you learned you were having a Spring baby? And you got excited, because that’s when Winter recedes, nature is reborn, and there isn’t a global pandemic at all?

If you’re expecting a child in the next few months and are wondering how COVID-19 will alter your birth plan, we had a chat with Dr. Craig Garfield, professor of pediatrics at Northwestern’s Feinberg School of Medicine and physician at Lurie Children’s Hospital, to discuss the experiences and recommendations he shares with expectant couples. He’s also quick to remind us that this virus is still a moving target, so those recommendations are subject to rapid change. Be sure to stay up to date with your pediatrician.

Timeline highlights:

  • 7:40: How are hospitals dealing with non-COVID patients?
  • 9:45: What are you telling patients about how your birth plan may be altered?
  • 16:40: Does breastfeeding spread COVID-19 from mother to child?
  • 19:50: What happens if either parent shows COVID-19 symptoms?
  • 26:20: Is it useful to avoid hospitals entirely and consider planning a home birth instead?
  • 30:10: How is testing at hospitals improving to protect babies from COVID-19 exposure?
  • 34:40: With a likely diminished support system, how can dads manage their stress after the baby is home?
  • 40:00: How is technology, such as the SMART NICU2HOME app, helping families navigate births that require neonatal care?

Right now, life can feel a lot like we’re kicking at moving goal posts on a field that’s collapsing beneath our feet. We’re grateful to Dr. Garfield, and other healthcare professionals like him, who share the data they’re using to keep families safe and healthy, who will distinguish an FCHIP and a PUI, and who know that this extended Quarantine Life experience is making better fathers of us all.

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