Episode 27: Stress and the Uncompleted Feedback Loop (with Jonathan Baxter)

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Most parents have grown accustomed to accommodating stress in our lives, but the known unknowns of Quarantine Life are really stoking the furnace. So we asked therapist and 2020 Summit alum Jonathan Baxter, LMHC to talk about how our brains are built to detect threats, but never to process so many at once. It can be difficult to feel agency in your life when it’s up to us to close the feedback loop of accomplishment.

We’ve got lots of advice if you’re not sleeping well, if your dreams are exceptionally weird, and how you can help your brain learn to cultivate a sense of contentedness.

Other important topics include why comedians meditate, the correlation between safety and smelling each other’s feet, and the health benefits of hate-watching The Rise of Skywalker. And are the three inches of frogs in Jeff’s backyard some kind of sign?


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