Episode 30: Draconian Contracts of Adhesion (with Team Moebes)

dad2summitDad 2.0-Cast

Episode 30 is a freewheeling four-way, as we celebrate Mother’s Day with our first guest mom, Deborah Moebes (Whipstitch), and her husband Michael (Dadcation). How freewheeling? Alternate titles included “Everything Turned to Poop,” “Every Night Is Crotchless Chaps Night,” and “She’s Adorable, but She’s A Biter.”

One of the few online power couples who’ve both spoken at a Dad 2.0 Summit, Michael and Deborah are also avid travelers who recently had to cancel 23 plane tickets. They discuss motives for the work they do, how maintenance is very different from creation, and keeping their cool in a quarantined household with three kids and a dog.

Plus: How to decide whether to send your kids back to school in the fall, what Deborah and Lin-Manuel Miranda have in common, and hot goss about exotic rodents.


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