“Daddy Changed the World!”

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After more than a week of protests calling for justice for George Floyd — and on the day when Breonna Taylor would have turned 27 — this week’s Fatherhood on Friday is a supersized series of Porchlight Posts from several of our alumni contributors and speakers, as well as a few other important first-person perspectives.

We respect police who exert their authority humanely, and we’re encouraged by the protests that are happening in hundreds of cities and towns all over the world. Both make us hopeful that Gianna Floyd’s assertion will come true.

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“I haven’t done anything to make this a better place for my son. I remember having the talk with him when he was 16 about how to handle police and then at age 30 I called him up and just had the talk with him again because I’m so scared. I want to do something but to be honest with you, I don’t know what that is.” — Anthony Lynn

“But we can’t afford to hide. We must stand proud in this beautiful skin, just like the ones before us and the ones before them. I Love Being Black.” — Glen Henry

“He’ll never see her grow up, graduate. He will never walk her down the aisle. If there’s a problem she’s had and needs her dad, she does not have that anymore.” — Roxie Washington

“If you think doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is the definition of madness, try living the same horror over and over and hoping and praying for different results.” — Tshaka Armstrong

“My father risked his life for the U.S. Constitution that was written without even considering him a human being, until many Americans lost their lives to change it.” — Wendell Pierce

“To see people from all walks of life, faiths, and geographies shrug off the social distancing demands of the coronavirus pandemic and risk their lives to stand against the pandemic of racism shows the world is on fire for justice.” — Johnathon Briggs

“Despite some protests having been marred by the actions of some, a tiny minority that engaged in violence … a majority of Americans still think those protests were justified. That wouldn’t have existed 30, 40, 50 years ago.” — Barack Obama

“Sadly, no matter how much we teach our black sons how to be respectful to authority, yes sir, no sir, always comply… there’s still a chance they may die.” — Jason Wilson

“So many of us are feeling pain. That, of course, includes our children. They are more aware than some of us think. And many of them are hurting.” — Christopher Persely

My boys are still young, but they’re growing up quick, developing worlds and lives of their own. And while I’d love just to sit back and let them develop on their own so they can build senses of self in the truest sense of the phrase… the world we live in won’t let me do it.” — Casey Palmer

“Social justice is a byproduct of economic empowerment. A lot of the reasons why Black people are under-represented and marginalized and oppressed, outside of just pure racism, we are not economically sound.” — Johnny Bailey, on Fatherhood Is Dope

“My whiteness can’t protect my black son. To pull myself out of this pit of dad-induced self-hate and aimlessness, I remember that I love him more than anything. Suddenly, I’m better — a better dad, citizen, neighbor, friend and colleague. There is power in my shame and confusion, after all.” — Tobin Walsh

“So yeah, I guess I accepted racism, and normalised it. Through every “random” search or bag check. Through every mistreatment by those in positions of power. Through every racial epithet hurled towards me. Through every racial epithet hurled towards my children.” — Mike Armstrong

“Daddy changed the world!” — Gianna Floyd


“A national mother’s day — why not a day for fathers, too?” proclaimed Ross C. Miller, city editor for The Bakersfield Californian, on May 11, 1914.

The first-born child of Mexican immigrants from Santa Rosa has become the first person in her family to graduate from high school, on the same day her father become the second person.

When Dalton Westray had to miss his high school graduation because his Army field medic ceremony was on the same day, his dad got creative

For Mawuli Davis, activism takes on a whole new layer of worry when your adult kids are in the crowd.

Could the growing understanding of how men benefit from fatherhood be the real lockdown dividend?

A great piece about Patrick Puckett‘s scary/satisfying decision to quit his job to become a full-time artist and stay-at-home dad.

Coming next week: The beginning of a Parenting In Place master class from a group of parenting experts, therapists, authors, educators and neuroscientists to share their very best strategies 

From LaShawn Wiltz, a list of ten Black men you should be following on Instagram.

Father’s Day is June 21! Here’s how to keep up with what the kids say their dads are wearing (when they’re not wearing sweat pants).


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