Episode 34: Is It Really Different This Time? (with Creed Anthony)

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Our guest Creed Anthony is a writer, teacher, and frequent contributor to the Dad 2.0 Summit who describes himself as a “seasonal stay-at-home dad.” He shares a wealth of knowledge about converting to online education during Covid-19, talking to his students about George Floyd, and coping with racism as a kid in Cleveland.

He was often told he “had to be better than the best to be considered average,” and one of the cornerstones of his parenting is not to pass that pressure onto his kids. And it’s difficult to sit down for “the talk,” because as you’re relaying your experience of unwarranted race prejudice, you can’t stop thinking to yourself that it doesn’t make sense.

Plus: What’s up with Drew Brees? What’s the extent of Creed’s hockey knowledge? And does “Hoosier Hospitality” include tackling your friends in museums?


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