Take A Break.

dad2summitFatherhood on Friday

Welcome to the second half of 2020, which in our estimation needs a midseason reboot. Strip it down to the studs. Wipe the hard drive. 

Today is the public holiday when we celebrate American independence, and it feels weird after four months hip-deep in dependents. But the news never stops, and as you’ll see below not all of it connects head and desk. Dads are getting more paid leave. More research says that physical play with your kids makes them control their behavior better in school. And another Facebook group for dads has 20 times the membership than anticipated.

In the interest of remembering what Normal was, we’re going to treat this three-day weekend by remembering what a three-day weekend was, and take a break. News blackout. Inertia. Unplug 2020 and wait three days. We’ll be back Monday with a new podcast and more news about our October summit.

In the meantime, on a day when we’re celebrating America’s 244th birthday with one of the most American masterpieces ever written, please enjoy this tweet of fatherly pride.


New research shows that physical play with dads helps children aged 0-3 learn to control their feelings and help them regulate their own behavior when they reach school age.

In the Netherlands, the partners of new mothers may now take a further five weeks of leave in the first six months since the birth, paid at 70% of their salary.

If you can’t visit your favorite coffee shop, take the time during quarantine to build your own … and be prepared to go viral.

A week after Father’s Day, a high school sophomore thanks her dad for helping her navigate the current chaos.

Photographer Naisha Bailey-Johnson started the “Black Fatherhood Project” to change the narrative about Black men. To honor George Floyd, she charges only $8.46 per photo session.

Quarantine Life has led to greater appreciation for stay-at-home parenting, but it will take a fundamental attitude shift for this new empathy to last.

The correct way to respond when kids TP your house is to 1) thank them for showing playful creativity and 2) show them how they should have done it better.

Andrew O’Brien thought “maybe a couple hundred men” would sign up for the Lonestar Dads Facebook group. The group has 2,400 members so far.

As a dad in the age of coronavirus, I’m angry at people who won’t wear a mask to protect my kids.


“In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, I learned what it means to care for a dying parent in isolation, while still grieving for another parent.” — David Gelles, How I Want To Remember My Dad

“Watching Lou tell xir story in xir own words makes me cry every time. I forget that there’s this beautiful, insightful storyteller inside the nine-year-old whirlwind.” — Roberto Santiago, “I Thought I Wasn’t Ready,” A Busy Month on the Gender Front

“School is about learning. Every parent hopes their kid makes the honor roll, but what good is it if you can’t apply what you consume in the classroom to real life?” — Ed Condran, Going Too Far to Help Your Kids

“A lot of the times when we think we are being funny or are just showing off for the boys, what we are really doing is perpetrating a culture and mindset that needs to change.”— Jeremy Barnes, Hiking Rules For Dudes

“I think of him often when I’m lucky enough to have those long conversations on the bike with myself about my own doubts and limitations. Maybe that’s worth more than the phone calls I should have made.” — Bernard Yee, The Things Dad Taught Me


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