Episode 39: A Wonderful Thing That Sucked (with Whit Honea)

dad2summitDad 2.0-Cast

Each year, our guest Whit Honea serves in one of the most important roles at Dad 2.0 Summit: Presiding over the Newbie Seminar to help first-time attendees meet each other and find their way around. Whit has been part of our team since the beginning, either in an organizational capacity or speaking about his 16-year career as a freelance writer.

As we celebrate the fourth anniversary of the Dads4Kesem Walk, a 100-mile fundraising hike across England, we reminisce about a magic week of blisters, sheep poop, and sticky toffee pudding that raised $40,000 to start Camp Kesem Maryland. We also discuss raising teenagers in quarantine, our latest writing projects, and which Bob’s Burgers character are you?


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